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Artists Archive

In this section, you will see several artists and sculptors with their profiles and portfolios of their earlier artworks, sketches, paintings and sculptures. The profiles and portfolios may not reflect the latest artworks by these artists. However, these will give you a good idea about the artists and their art.

List of Artists with their profiles and portfolios

See the list of artists with their profiles and portfolios.

Durga - The Universal Mother, painting by Abhisek Ghosh

Abhisek Ghosh

Pebbles - 2, painting by Aindrila Mukherjee

Aindrila Mukherjee

Duality, painting by Amaey Parekh

Dr Amaey Parekh

Red Earth - 4, painting by Ami Patel

Ami Patel

Buddha, painting by Amrita Banerjee

Amrita Banerjee

Marichika - from the series mystical illusions, painting by Anindita Sengupta

Anindita Sengupta

Innocence, Painting by Anjalee S Goel

Anjalee S Goel

Tranquility, Painting by Anjuli Minocha

Anjuli Minocha

Shadow, Painting by Anshul Jain

Anshul Jain

Imperfect Illusion - 3, painting by Anuj Malhotra

Anuj Malhotra

Cherry Blossom, painting by Aparna Dharma

Aparna Dharma

Tribal Women, Painting by Aparna Sudhakaran

Aparna Sudhakaran

The Wonder Sea, painting by Arpita Basak

Arpita Basak

Resting on Waves, painting by Asmita Ghate

Asmita Ghate

Golden Points, painting by Asmita Jagtap

Asmita Jagtap

Holiday Home in Konkan, painting by Bhalchandra Bapat

Bhalchandra Bapat

Navabhimukha - Bow of the Boat, painting by Bhavana Masurkar Bagade

Bhavana Masurkar Bagade

Winter, painting by Bhawana Chaudhury

Bhawana Chaudhury

The flower sellers, painting by Debjani Datta

Debjani Datta

Serenity, painting by Dedeepya John

Dedeepya John

Waterfall, painting by Deepali Sagade

Deepali Sagade

Untitled - 2, painting by Dhanashree Adapawar

Dhanashree Adapawar

Village Ladies, painting by G. A. Dandekar

G. A. Dandekar

Home Beauty, painting by Gagandeep Kaur

Gagandeep Kaur

Sylvan, painting by Girijaa Upadhyay

Girijaa Upadhyay

Shades of Green, painting by Gitanjali Bhawalkar

Gitanjali Bhawalkar

Mt. Damavand, Iran, painting by Hutoxi Wadia

Hutoxi Wadia

The Lily Pool, painting by Indranil Mukherjee

Indranil Mukherjee

Colorful trees, painting by Isha Bhansali

Isha Bhansali

CityScape - XX, painting by Ivan Gomes

Ivan Gomes

Untiled - 1, painting by Janaki Anand

Janaki Anand

Serene Life, painting by Janaki Injety

Janaki Injety

Christian Symbols - 1, painting by Jerome Morris

Jerome Morris

Jigisha Dwivedi, painting by Jigisha Dwivedi

Jigisha Dwivedi

Banjare, painting by Jyoti Sharma

Jyoti Sharma

Devotion - 1, painting by Kajal Bhattacharyaa

Kajal Bhattacharyaa

Universe, painting by Karuna Rao

Karuna Rao

Huckkah Friendship, Dr Kishor Batwe

Dr Kishor Batwe

Symphony of orchids, painting by Lasya Upadhyaya

Lasya Upadhyaya

 Path to Nirvana, painting by Leena Parekh

Leena Parekh

Majestic Owl - Lucky Charm, painting by Lizisha Singh

Lizisha Singh

Untitled - 4, painting by M M Hussain

M M Hussain

Serene Abode (Kerala backwaters), painting by Madhavi Srivastava

Madhavi Srivastava

Village Scenery IV, painting by Madhulika Srivastava

Madhulika Srivastava

Ghats of Shree Yamuna, painting by Madhvi Dhanak

Madhvi Dhanak

In Transit - 24, painting by Malavika Mandal Andrew

Malavika Mandal Andrew

Architecture, painting by Manhar Kapadia

Manhar Kapadia

Pink Flowers, painting by Maya Wakankar

Maya Wakankar

A walk to remember, painting by Megha Gupta

Megha Gupta

A Peep into the Past, painting by Milan Sharma

Milan Sharma

Waves of Woman, painting by Milon Mukherjee

Milon Mukherjee

Goddess Durga - Power and Prosperity, painting by Mithuya Pal

Mithuya Pal

Sunny habitat, painting by Mukta Kamplikar

Mukta Kamplikar

Banaras Ghat - IX, painting by Nalini Bhagwat

Nalini Bhagwat

Five Peaks, painting by Nandini Bajekal

Nandini Bajekal

Evening Stroll, painting by Narendra Gangakhedkar

Narendra Gangakhedkar

Untitled - 80, painting by Natubhai Mistry

Natubhai Mistry

Peacock, painting by Nidhi Mittal

Nidhi Mittal

Darkest Night, painting by Nikhil Pawar

Nikhil Pawar

Fourth Dimension, painting by Nilanjan Datta

Nilanjan Datta

Surface Poem - 18, painting by Niteen Gupte

Niteen Gupte

Buddha, painting by Nupur Sinha

Nupur Sinha

Little snow white, painting by Piyali Mitra

Piyali Mitra

Morning Glory, painting by Pooja Singh Chhetri

Pooja Singh Chhetri

A Pink Panorama, painting by Poonam Juvale

Poonam Juvale

Rose Delight, painting by Poulami Basu

Poulami Basu

Flower with Mandala, painting by Prachi Gorwadkar

Prachi Gorwadkar

The Warmth, painting by Pragya Bajpai

Pragya Bajpai

Birds and Animals - 3, painting by Pratibha Kelkar

Pratibha Kelkar

Lake, painting by Pratibha Singh

Pratibha Singh

Divine Grace, painting by Pratiksha Apurv

Pratiksha Apurv

Tree of Life - 41, painting by Praveena Mahicha

Praveena Mahicha

Stone Carving, painting by Prisa Khara

Prisa Khara

Rani Ma - 3, painting by Priyanka Dutta

Priyanka Dutta

Samarpan, painting by Priyanka Goswami

Priyanka Goswami

Unspoken Feelings, painting by Radha Ranavade

Radha Ranavade

Happiness, painting by Rajani Chalasani

Rajani Chalasani

Untitled - 1, painting by Rajeshri Sawant

Rajeshri Sawant

Winter Season, painting by Rakesh Sonkusare

Rakesh Sonkusare

Ready to Sail, painting by Rakhi Chatterjee

Rakhi Chatterjee

Golden Lawn, painting by Ramessh Barpande

Ramessh Barpande

Ladakh monestry, painting by Ranjana Kashyap

Ranjana Kashyap

Who’s That Girl?, painting by Raqesh Vashisth

Raqesh Vashisth

Nostalgia, painting by Reeta Desai

Reeta Desai

To Invigorate, painting by Richa Rajpurkar

Richa Rajpurkar

Bamboo Trees - 2, painting by Sandhya Joshi

Sandhya Joshi

Warli Painting, painting by Sangeeta Karkhanis

Sangeeta Karkhanis

Ross Island, painting by Sangita Sarkar

Sangita Sarkar

Tree Scape, painting by Sanika Dhanorkar

Sanika Dhanorkar

Breakfast at Tiffany’s, painting by arabjit Kaur

Sarabjit Kaur

Iron man, painting by Dr. Shahar Bano Khan

Dr. Shahar Bano Khan

Radha, Krishan, Meera, painting by Sharmila


Early Bright, painting by Shashikant Bane

Shashikant Bane

Urban City, painting by Shefali Shah

Shefali Shah

L'arbre de la nuit, painting by Shibani Surkund

Shibani Surkund

Tranquility, painting by Shikha Narula

Shikha Narula

Sunset by the Beach, painting by Shirish Deshpande

Shirish Deshpande

Hues, painting by Shobha Majumdar

Shobha Majumdar

Winter fall, painting by Shona Aston

Shona Aston

A Misty Morning, painting by Sindhulina Chandrasingh

Sindhulina Chandrasingh

Global Meltdown, painting by Sneha Sinha

Sneha Sinha

Untitled, painting by Sohini Ghosh

Sohini Ghosh

Secret Midnight Falls, painting by Sonal Poghat

Sonal Poghat

Jet fighter taking off!, painting by Subhash Bhate

Subhash Bhate

Gangotri - 2, painting by Sudha Srivastava

Sudha Srivastava

Solace in Solitude, painting by Sumita Dey

Sumita Dey

Sepulchre, painting by Suvidha Joshi

Suvidha Joshi

Sunrays, painting by Swasti Verma

Swasti Verma

Tree of Life - 18, painting by T-Manicha


Reflection of trees, painting by T. Vijaya Kumari

T. Vijaya Kumari

Spring, painting by Urmila Nagle

Urmila Nagle

Varsha Ahirwal, painting by Varsha Ahirwal

Varsha Ahirwal

Untitled IV, painting by Vickhram Sanap

Vickhram Sanap

Vegetable Seller, painting by Vijaya Rajagopalan

Vijaya Rajagopalan

Stallion, painting by Vikram Jadhav

Vikram Jadhav

Cranes, painting by Vishnu Bhatwadekar

Vishnu Bhatwadekar

Untitled, painting by Vranda Phadke

Vranda Phadke

Sri chakra, painting by Yogini Sharma

Yogini Sharma

List of Artists with their profiles

See the list of artists with their profiles.