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Amit Dutt

Artist Amit Dutt Artist Statement :

Thought while traversing through mind and heart, With a brush of feeling and experience When alights on canvas, the colours lose their identity and an expression is born and starts breathing as a creation It is that moment, When thought and form assimilate to give birth to a feeling on the plane of spiritualism.

A thing Which is not seen with eye but percepted only by soul. Soul is transparent. Transparency is the essence of soul, We all are naked beneath the clothes. The difference is, how we think about and accept it - a formless soul or a physical body. In physicism, nakedness is uncivilized. In spiritualism, everything is unclothed and uncurtained. Who is naked ? The form (ROOP) form is naked, but feeling is beautiful Why is it beautiful ? Because it is formless formless; means--without form. The feeling directly touches the soul, and form limits itself to mind. That is the only difference in the perception of beauty With form and without form. In my paintings, I have made an endeavour to find solution to such questions.

My work bears a hidden meaning which is inexpressible in words. Such hidden meaning is only a thing to be felt. The viewer--appraiser may try to find out such hidden meaning, in accordance to the state of his environmental thinking and wisdom. Perhaps, he many get something.


Born :

  • 1958


Education :

  • Five year diploma in Applied Arts from Shilpa Bharti Institute of fine arts and crafts, New Delhi
  • Affiliated with Directorate of College Education Government of Rajashtan, Jaipur (Rajasthan)


Exhibitions :

  • 2003, 1999, 1998, 1992 : Rabindra Bhavan, Delhi
  • 2003 : Jugalbandi on Khajuraho AIFACS Gallery, Delhi
  • 2002 : Gallery Pioneer, Delhi
  • 2002, 2001 : Lalit Kala Academy, Delhi
  • 1999 : Nehru Centre, Bombay
  • 1997 : Shri Ram Centre (Org. by Punjabi Academy Delhi)
  • 1997 : Y. B. Chauvan Art Gallery, Bombay
  • 1992 : AIFACS Gallery, Delhi
  • 1990 : Bajaj Art Gallery, Delhi
  • Evil Face of Global Terrorism 2, Delhi
  • ORBIT Art Gallery


Group Shows :

  • 2006 : "A Reversible Equation " Group show in Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai
  • 2006 : Annual Group Show organised by Nav Siddhartha Art Group, at Jehangir Art Gallery
  • 2006 : Delhi
  • 2005 : Group Show Gallery Pioneer, Delhi
  • 2004 : Group Show in Nehru Art Centre, Mumbai
  • 2001 : Garhi Art Gallery, Delhi
  • 2000 : Habitat Centre, Delhi
  • 2000 : Rabindra Bhavan, Delhi (for Orissa)
  • 2000 : Habitat Centre, Delhi
  • Group Show 'The Art Guild'


Awards :

  • 2005 : Bombay Art Society All India Award
  • 2005 : AIFACS All India Award
  • 2005 : Fine Art Academy Amritsar
  • 2004 : Camel All India Art Teachers Award
  • 2004 : Camel All India Art Teachers Award
  • 1998 : Scholarship by Times Eye Research Foundation
  • 1991 : Sahitya Kala Parishad Award in seventh Yuva mahotsava


Collections :

  • Sahitya Kala Parishad Delhi Hunger Project India
  • Sh. Madan Lal Khurana Smt. Kiran Bedi (Delhi Police)
  • Mr. Gupta (CBSE)
  • Mr. Shatrughan Sinha (Film Star)
  • Sh. Jagmohan (Tourism Minister)
  • Late Ramakrishnan Bajaj (INDUSTRIALIST) Late Smt.
  • Late Smt. Vijaya Raj Sindhiya Sh. O.P. Dutta (Hindi News Editor)
  • Sh. Jagdish Tytler
  • Sh. Sahib Singh Verma Punjabi Academy Delhi
  • Hansraj College Delhi
  • WE Hussel Man Chief MC Donalds (Delhi)
  • National Museum Lucknow and many private collections in India and aborad.


  • Dhyanastha - 1, Painting by Amit Dutt
  • Dhyanastha - 3, Painting by Amit Dutt
  • Dhyanastha - 4, Painting by Amit Dutt
  • Rhythm of Life Figurative, Painting by Amit Dutt