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Aniruddha Chaudhuri

Artist Aniruddha Chaudhuri Working for last 25 years as freelance artist. In this exhibition he will be presenting the series of paintings on Flute, Realisation and Tree.

Aniruddha's earliest memories of his childhood go back to the age of five when he started his journey into the world of art. Scribbling with chalk pencil on the walls, giving vent to his imagination and fantasies which knew no bounds. His inspirations were all around him. As a child his explorations into the mysterious world of caves, with their wealth of cave paintings, letting his fingers trace the curves and lines, with every part of his body responding in a stream of enthusiasm, awakening his creative nature. Growing up amidst the beauty of nature in a village in rural Bengal, remains another permanent source of inspiration. The colourful festivals of Bengal, with potters making idols, the riotous colours, all held an immense attraction for Aniruddha, making him nature a dream of stepping into the world of colours and forms. This led him pursuing an art education at the Govt. College of Art & Craft to hone his narrative skills.

Aniruddha's art revolves around the mysteries of the universe, i.e., creation, existence and destruction. Nature's influence on the intricate mind of the human being and man's endless quest of discovery, is the main thrust of his work. For him painting is not an inert creation, rather it is a living expression of life. His style could be termed as a figurative abstraction of thought process. Fragments of the mind, which lead the viewer further into the painting making it a 'living experience'. For Aniruddha, practice and experience have been his masters, teaching him the realities of life, through different stages, each stage leaving its imprints on his art.


Born :

  • 1973


Education :

  • Bachelor in Visual Arts, Calcutta University


Participations :

  • GCAC Annual Exhibitions, Kolkata
  • Oriental Art Society Annual, Kolkata
  • AIFACS Annual, New Delhi
  • Academy of Fine Arts Annuals, Kolkata


Group Shows :

  • Gallery Wood's, New Delhi
  • Art Konsult, New Delhi
  • Art Today, New Delhi


  • The Mind, Painting by Aniruddha Chaudhuri
  • Silence , Painting by Aniruddha Chaudhuri
  • Music, Painting by Aniruddha Chaudhuri
  • Meditation - II, Painting by Aniruddha Chaudhuri