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See videos of art tutorials, painting demonstrations, art workshops, artists, art exhibitions, child artists, young artists, conversations, painting competitions, testimonials and more, specially created by Khula Aasmaan (खुला आसमान).

Child Artists

See the beautiful world of child art. Enjoy diverse artworks created by talented children from all over India as well as from other countries.

Young Artists

See artworks and paintings by talented young artists and student artists. Apart from their paintings, their talk about their artworks has opened another dimension for their expression.


Conversations with artists will give you insight into how their mind works, what inspires them to create these beautiful artworks. See videos with artists, artisans, painters, sculptors, craftspersons, photographers as they talk about their journey and their art.

Khula Aasmaan Conversations

Listen to insightful conversations and talks by people who have made a mark in diverse fields. They include artists, scientists, academics, dancers, students, historians and professionals from diverse occupations.

Drawing, Painting & Art Competitions

Khula Aasmaan conducts international online art contests, painting competitions, kids drawing competitions. These art contests are open to people of all age groups - children, college students, young adults, adults as well as senior citizens.

Music & Dance

See videos of music workshops and music performances. These are part of Khula Aasmaan (खुला आसमान) music initiative. View videos of classical and folk dance performances as well.

Folk & Tribal Art

Warli art is a tribal art form prevalent in tribal areas of Maharashtra. See videos related to tribal art, folk art, warli art and warli paintings.

Ramayana Art Project

Children, young adults as well as people of all ages were invited to paint characters, incidents and landscapes from the epic Ramayana. Happy to share narrations by talented artists about their artworks.

Science & Technology

See science videos, science experiments. Listen to scientists, science academics, science researchers, science teachers, science students and others.

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