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See painting themes in Indiaart. Select from a wide range of themes available. Available themes are abstract, nature, figurative, flowers, landscape, seascape, buddha, woman, architecture, heritage, goa, faith, banaras, gods, goddesses, mountains, ganesha, horse, ajanta, semi abstract, portrait, woman, children, bull, man, buddhism, birds, chai, coastal life, cityscape, christ, church, dance, family, forest, history, india, kashmir, people, mumbai, ghat, nude, rajasthan, plants, trees, river, reflections, sky, spiritual, street, temple, venice, water, wildlife, windows, friends, conceptual, contemporary, modern. The collection of artworks is large.

You will find diverse styles of paintings across these themes - classical, impressionist, modernist, contemporary and more. These paintings represent artists who belong to different schools of painting in India. You can see artworks by artists from Bombay School, Delhi school, Bengal school, Baroda school, south Indian school apart from other regional influence. Many of these artworks have been influenced by the rich tradition of folk art in India which has a history of several centuries. The folk art reflects the culture and traditions of the region as well as the tribals in that region.

Paintings themes have become very diversified over time. Early painters focused on painting nature including animals, plants, trees and flowers apart from various stages of human life cycle. In the middle ages the Indian subcontinent witnessed aggressions by rulers of different faiths and cultures. That had an effect on the art practice in this region. Mughal and British rule were important milestones for these cultural influences. Nationalistic themes emerged as the freedom struggle for a free India became strong. Post independence, artists in free and modern India started asserting themselves in multiple ways through their artistic expression. This expression has led to creation of a diverse set of artworks by artists from all over India. You can see a beautiful mix of tradition and modernity in their art.