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Type of Artists

This listing of artists includes professional artists, emerging artists, amateur artists, hobby artists as well as self taught artists.. Some of these artists have studied art as a full time course at reputed art schools whereas many others are largely self taught passionate artists. They may be pursuing some other career or occupation and practice their art as and when they find the time. The professional artists are full time artists for whom art is a full time occupation. You will also find artists who have quit their careers and have become full time artists.

Diversity of artworks

Enjoy this wonderful collection of talented artists and their beautiful artworks. You will find that the artists are from diverse geographies. These include artists who live out of India. There is vast variety in the kind of art these artists are creating - the concept, themes, mediums used and sizes of their artworks.

Steps for Registration as an Artist with Indiaart

Send your profile and images of few artworks.

Indiaart will go through your submission.

We will send you the procedure and terms for registration.

Your profile and artworks will be displayed on Indiaart after you have completed the registration formalities.
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List of active artists

See the list of active artists in Indiaart with individual profile and portfolio of paintings and sculptures. Active artists are those artists whose portfolios are being updated on a regular basis. Here you will find artists with all their artworks including new artworks.

St. Isaac's Cathedral, painting by Aditya Ponkshe

Aditya Ponkshe

Communion 2
, painting by Ambika Wahi

Ambika Wahi

Mi Radhika, painting by Amita Goswami

Amita Goswami

Flower Vase, painting by Amrita Kaur

Amrita Kaur

Call of the Valley, painting by Anuradha Kabra

Anuradha Kabra

Goan House, painting by Anwar Husain

Anwar Husain

The Floating Market, painting by Arun Akella

Arun Akella

Dancer in Halebidu, painting by Chitra Vaidya

Chitra Vaidya

I can feel you in my thoughts, painting by Gauri Kodule

Gauri Kodule

Shantiniketan, painting by Kabari Banerji

Kabari Banerjee

Shades of Azure, painting by Dr Kanak Sharma

Dr. Kanak Sharma

Himalaya collection - 13, painting by Kishor Ranadiwe

Kishor Ranadiwe

Flamingo 01, painting by Madhu Awasthi

Madhu Awasthi

Off to Work, painting by Mamta Chitnis Sen

Mamta Chitnis Sen

In the Shadow, Konkan, painting by Mangal Gogte

Mangal Gogte

The Dream seller, painting by Manisha Patil

Manisha Patil

Golden Days, painting by Mrudula Bapat

Mrudula Bapat

Durga, painitng by Namrata Biswas

Namrata Biswas

Kalbelia Dancer, painitng by Namrata Bothra

Namrata Bothra

Aura, painting by Nandita Sharma

Nandita Sharma

The Krishna, Painting by Nehal Shah

Nehal Shah

Sinkhole, Painting by Nirmal Pathare

Nirmal Pathare

Happiness Way, painting by Pankti Jain

Pankti Jain

Flight of Imagination - 7, Painting by Pradip Sarkar

Pradip Sarkar

Untitled, Painting by Pradnya Shah

Pradnya Shah

PBJ Abstract - 240, Painting by Prakash Bal Joshi

Prakash Bal Joshi

Indian Village Woman churning Buttermilk, painting by Pushpa Sharma

Pushpa Sharma

Boats in Knife, painting by Radhika Mondal

Radhika Mondal

Aai Ani Lek, painting by Ratnamala Indulkar

Ratnamala Indulkar

Sanchi Torana, Painting by Sandhya Ketkar

Sandhya Ketkar

Bloom Waterside, Painting by Sangita Patil

Sangita Patil

Force, painting by Satish Pimple

Satish Pimple

Pink - 1, painting by Shalini Goyal

Shalini Goyal

Chandni Raat, painting by Shubhra Chaturvedi

Shubhra Chaturvedi

A bloom, painting by Swati Gogate

Swati Gogate

Solace, painting by Varjavan Dastoor

Varjavan Dastoor

Steel Can - Still Life, painting by Varsha Shukla

Varsha Shukla

Birth of Buddha (Ajanta series), painting by Vijay Kulkarni

Vijay Kulkarni

Turbulence, painting by Vinay Sane

Vinay Sane