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Bertina Dbritto

Artist Bertina Dbritto

Born :

  • 1985


Education :

  • 2007 : DIP. A.ED, Vasai Vikasini Art College
  • 2006 : B.F.A. Painting, Sir J. J. School of Art, Mumbai


Group Show :

  • 2015 : Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai


Participation :

  • 2004, 2005, 2006 : Bombay Art Society Annual Exhibition
  • 2004 : State Art Exhibition


Awards :

  • 2007 : Prize for Print Making, Vasai Vikasini Art College
  • 2003 : Highly commended award in annual exhibition, Sir J. J. School of Art, Mumbai


About the series : "Beyond Sight" :

    Often as we contemplate the experiences of our life, an unrestrained chorus of thoughts and memories takes us through familiar avenues. My pursuit of such exuberant memoirs is closely tied to the cultural aura and ecological grandeur of my birthplace. I was born in Agashi, a village in Vasai taluka that is cuddled in the very arms of Mother Nature herself. I spent my childhood savoring the sweet taste of intriguing natural beauty that my birthplace was gifted with. Vasai is well renowned for its Banana plantations, flower baskets, milk Kavads (carriers), distinguishing Lal Lugada (red sari) and many other cultural riches. Life here portrays a singular paradigm of melodious co-existence between nature and numerous communities thriving upon it. The almighty has undeniably graced me abundantly by binding my soul to this soil. All these years, I have been closely admiring the people around me, their lifestyles, attires, their mutual bonding, their devout and innocent personalities and above all the much revered culture. This warm rendezvous moved my spirit deeply and manifested the diverse shades of humanity. The solace and happiness that is expressed through my work is a meek portrayal of the cultural unison that binds the people of Vasai together in happiness and harmony.

    Times have been rapidly changing; the glitter of modernization and lure of metro living has engulfed Vasai too. The much attributed cultural legacy of Vasai is cowed by time and is consigned to the pages of history. Though the tangible contributions of our culture may cease to exist some day, the rich values that are embossed on our minds can never be wiped off. I have paramount confidence on the sanctity of morals that I have inherited from my ancestors. As an optimist, I believe in preserving what is timeless and perhaps that is what aroused my interest to pursue this colossal world of art. Despite the transformation in society and disparity in lifestyles, the experiences of the bygone are etched on my mind. As the wave of modernization continues to obliterate the last few souvenirs of the golden past, those objects, their colors, hues, shadows and their very existence have not faded a bit from my memory. I feel their presence on my subconscious dictating an uncontrolled miraculous influence on my thoughts and deeds. Artists have acumen to visualize and re-enact things beyond their existence. Time and again I passionately step into my own world of fantasy, attempting to portray the mirages that depict the tales of my experiences and my quest. The exhilarating journey that my paintings take you through, serves as a testimony to my idea of beauty beyond sight.


  • Beyond Sight - 2, Painting by Bertina Dbritto
  • Beyond Sight - 21  , Painting by Bertina Dbritto
  • Beyond Sight - 22 , Painting by Bertina Dbritto
  • Beyond Sight - 30, Painting by Bertina Dbritto