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Paresh Hazra

Artist Paresh Hazra

Artist Statement :

I was born to a farmer’s family in 1952, in Tamluk Midnapur District West Bengal and have grown up in my grandmother’s and mother’s care as my father would usually be away from home for work. The nature would give me a lot of company and I would enjoy every season and watch their beautiful acts pass by….

I left my village home at the age of 19 for the big metropolis of Calcutta that is in the early 70’s. It was a confusing place, lane after lane, lanes within lanes. 'Dominique Lapierre’ has called Calcutta as the ‘city of joy’, but I experienced only sorrow and misery there, and this pain made me even more determined. I worked hard for a year to survive and be capable of admitting myself into the ‘ Government Art College ’ situated on ‘Chowrangi’ road, which had many well-known teachers and artists. It was long struggle but I remained persistent and got in and worked under them as a student. My only hope was and still is that tomorrow will be better. And in truth, every tomorrow is better for me. Painting is my destiny and it’s forever.

After my art college, I stepped into another phase of my life, to face reality, to survive and to keep my dreams intact and my only survival kit was the belief that I am a creator and am the creator of my own imagination and my own destiny…this is when I came down to Bangalore in the year 1981 with my job as an ‘art teacher’ at military school Bangalore. My goal was to become a painter and create awareness for art and not just teach! My dream was to have a lonely house where I could talk to my empty canvasses and live with my destiny. The School provided me a similar kind of house with a compound wall. A small house with big sky, one Sun, one Moon, millions of Stars common air for free of cost and lots of trees with a perk of Rs. 800/- as monthly salary to survive on this Earth. So, I was then the king of my kingdom, what more would an artist want or need or dream of... And here is where my journey truly began towards my own world….

Born :

  • 1952


Education :

  • Graduate from the Government College of Art, Kolkata


Exhibitions :

  • 2003 : Paul Getty’s
  • 2003 : Toronto university
  • 2003 : International Art Expo
  • 2003 : World Fine Art Gallery
  • 2002 : Right lines, Le Maridian
  • 2002 : Gallery Satya, Mumbai
  • 2001 : Art Indus, Delhi
  • 2001 : Taj Hotel, Mumbai
  • 2001 : Windsor Manor, Bangalore
  • 2001, 1998, 1995 : Jehangir Art gallery
  • 2000 : Crimson Art Gallery , Mumbai
  • 2000 : Right line Art gallery, Bangalore
  • 1999 : Art Today, Delhi
  • 1999 : Art Chamber, Goa
  • 1998 : Windsor Manor, Bangalore
  • 1997 : Taj Gallery, Mumbai
  • 1997, 1993, 1992, 1985 : Allicance Francaise, Bangalore
  • 1996 : Gallery Katayun, Calcutta
  • 1995 : R & B Gallery, Bangalore
  • 1995 : Gallery Katayun, Calcutta
  • 1994 : India International Centre
  • 1993 : Gallery Katayun, Calcutta
  • 1992 : Young Design, Bangalore
  • 1991 : The Gallery, Chennai
  • 1991 : Gallery Katayun, Calcutta
  • 1990 : K. C. Das, Bangalore
  • 1989 : Chitrakoot Art Gallery , Calcutta
  • 1984 : Max Mueller Bhavan, Bangalore
  • 1983 : Karnataka Chitrakala Parishat, Bangalore


  • Ganesh - 8, Painting by Paresh Hazra
  • Ganesh - 11, Painting by Paresh Hazra
  • Ganesh - VIII,Painting by Paresh Hazra
  • Ganesh - XIV,Painting by Paresh Hazra