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Siddharth Ghosh

Siddharth Ghosh was born in the year of 1967, near Darjeeling, one of the most popular and beautiful hill stations, up North, which is probably why Siddharth's paitnings are always filled with joy and beauty.

Be it a painting of flowers done in his unique style, or a Ganesha rendered with palm leaves or his beautiful Mother and baby Ganesha's all done in vibrant, joyous colours. Colours that assail the senses as if released on the canvas in a shower of bliss.

Siddharth has always been inspired by 'Beauty', be it the beauty of his surroundings, nature or even thought. A very sensitive and emotional being, a true artist whose very being is effected by the values and emotions of life.

These feelings are what Siddharth captures in his work. The essence of sorrow and happiness, Siddharth does not like to pre-plan a work, rather he prefers to let his subconscious work as he applies colour, letting his inner guide place a figure, a bird, a human figure or an object.

Every painting is a true manifestation a self awakening of the self.

Today Siddharth's works are in many collections in India and abroad.


  • Mother and Child - II, Painting by Siddharth Ghosh
  • Ganesha - VI, Painting by Siddharth Ghosh
  • Bull, Painting by Siddharth Ghosh
  • Bull, Painting by Siddharth Ghosh