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Prashant Hirlekar

Prashant Hirlekar passed out from J. J. School of Art in 1981 and since then he has worked with some of Mumbaiís leading Advertising Agencies and Publishing Houses as an Illustrator, visualizer and art director. In 1991 he decided to enter the art world and became a full-time artist to explore and give vent to his creative expressions.

His first solo show in 1992, held simultaneously in Mumbai & Delhi created waves in the art world, thereafter he has had many successful solo and group shows. Prashantís eclectic themes, the satirical playfulness and his usage of bright colours evoke a magical feeling of enchantment in the viewer. His style represents a new evolution in Indian art.

His zest for constant experimentation and hard work has given birth to a unique style. Indeed he stands as a new man of modern contemporary art. Today he is high on the list of 'best collectible' young artists.

  • Inner Light Figurative, Painting by Prashant Hirlekar
  • Welcome and Company I Figurative,Painting by Prashant Hirlekar
  • Welcome and Company I Figurative, Painting by Prashant Hirlekar
  • Welcome and Company III  Figurative,Painting by Prashant Hirlekar