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B R Kulkarni

Artist Statement :

With the passage of time, ways of artistic expression have undergone tremendous evolution and artists have become more and more free to choose their own moods of expression. An artist must be judged on his own terms and should not be screened through our own prejudiced preferences. The right way to appreciate the quality of an art-piece is to find out what the artist had attempted to express and to what extent he has achieved it. Many a time, it is the intensity of feelings that an artist puts in his work which elevates it from a mere space with style and content to the level of poetic expression...

Education :

  • 1964 : Art Diploma


Exhibition :

  • 2004 : Jehangir Art Gallery
  • 1999 : Jehangir Art Gallery
  • 1997 : Taj Art Gallery
  • 1996 : Mahalsa Art Gallery
  • 1994 : Jehangir Art Gallery
  • 1983 : Taj Art Gallery
  • 1979 : Taj Art Gallery
  • 1977 : Taj Art Gallery
  • 1976 : Taj Art Gallery


Awards :

  • Awarded by the Lalit Kala Academy (Karnataka State)


Collections :

  • Mr. Scott Claudio, Italy
  • Mr. Piero Calderoni, Italy
  • Mr. Shantilal Somaiya, Mumbai
  • Mr. B. M. Ghia, Mumbai
  • Mr. D. N. Naik, Margaon, Goa
  • Mrs. Maya B. ramchandra, Mumbai
  • Mr. Shashikant Bedekar, Mumbai
  • Mr. P. T. Patel, Mumbai
  • Mr. Jasu Shah, Mumbai
  • Mrs. Swati Pirmal, Mumbai
  • Mr. Vora, Mumbai
  • Mrs. Asha Thaper, Mumbai
  • Tata Services Ltd., Mumbai
  • Mr. S. Bajaj, Mumbai
  • Mr. Bhammer, Mumbai


  • Composition Figurative, Painting by B R Kulkarni
  • Landscape - I, Painting by B R Kulkarni
  • Reclined Figure, Fugurative, Painting by B R Kulkarni
  • Reverie, Fugurative, Painting by B R Kulkarni