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Reeta Desai

Artist Reeta Desai Reeta Desai - a true artist who dons many hats. Whether it is interior design, fashion design, painting, or exotic cooking, Reeta believes in expression through art. For her, life is a huge canvas and she wishes to fill colours in it through her creativity. Her work aims to explore the wonders and joys of life.

Reeta graduated from S.N.D.T. College in Pune with a degree in Interior Designing. However, it was the world of fashion that had captivated her mind and heart back then. She ventured to ULCA to attend fashion designing courses. Settling in Los Angeles, she soon became a successful fashion designer. Her designs have been sold at high end stores like Nordstrom and Macy's.

After two decades, she has now successfully ventured into other creative and art endeavors. All her life, she was always fascinated in expressing life through paintings. It was only a couple of years ago that she immersed herself completely in the art of painting from the heart -- capturing the harmony and joy found in life. Her creations are inspired by peace and themes of serenity. However, it is clearly evident in her works that nature and its beauty largely influence her creativity. It provides boundless opportunities for any artistic eye. She has incorporated this richness and abundance in her paintings. Through her artistic vision, Reeta has attempted to depict a sense of calm and happiness that we all long for in our lives. Her paintings form part of the collections of art lovers from all around the world especially USA and India.

Reeta wants to continue to be prolific throughout her life with her paintings and other creative outlets. With a goal of bringing life to canvas, her journey can be described in a few words, "Creating joy through creating beauty"!


  • Here and Beyond, Painting by Reeta Desai
  • Beauty and The Bliss, Painting by Reeta Desai
  • Drawn, Painting by Reeta Desai
  • Fall disguise, Painting by Reeta Desai