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Shubha Gokhale

About Series of her paintings :

Still Life :

Still life has always been a format, a subject painted by classical to modern day painters. Each painter has evolved his own style and expression. I started with still-life as my main subject in college and kept going back to it whenever my heart desired. To play with colours was always the greatest attraction which had started in my early childhood years spent in London. For me, still life is not just an arrangement of objects but a focus of many tumultuous thoughts covered underneath the apparent frozen objects. That is why the common objects of daily experience take shape and colour according to the moods and expressions which preoccupy the mind at that time.

Puppet :

There are always the constraints of day to day life, of social conduct and others that operate on and influence all human behaviour. Humans are not free in an absolute sense. It is the invisible string that eventually controls ones destiny. This gave rise to the puppet theme, the human beings as puppets in various settings and colours. They appear to come alive on their own but also seem to convey that despite their postures of joy and gay abandon, there is, that unseen hand which controls!!

Dehaspanda :

Working on puppets, I had taken liberties with the anatomy of the figure. I felt the need to rectify that.This study led me towards painting nudes. Dehaspanda, the resonance of the body. Our emotions can only be expressed through our body and nudes are like linear confessions of the body and soul.

Nayika :

My nayika is predominantly a 'Virahini'. Viraha being an expression of longing in separation. She is also an 'Abhisarika' a woman in love, giving up modesty and going out to meet her lover. Both these shades I could see in the madhura bhakti of saint poetess Meerabai for Lord Krishna. Conventionally, Meera evokes the image of a white saree clad woman with an ektara (a one-string instrument) in her hand...there the image stops!

Born :

  • 1959


Education :

  • 1982 - 1988 : Studied Miniature Painting at The Prince of Wales Museum, Bombay, under the guidance of Shri. Sadashiv Gorakshakar
  • 1980 - 1982 : Studied Drawing, under the Guidance of the Late Shri. Gopal Deuskar, Pune
  • 1980 : Diploma in Drawing and Painting, Pune


Exhibitions :

  • 2002 : Studio S, Pune
  • 2001 : The Quest, Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai
  • 2000 : Vinyasa Art Gallery, Chennai
  • 2000, 1999, 1998 : Jamaat, Mumbai
  • 1999 : Harmony Show, Mumbai
  • 1999 - 1996 : Miniature Format Show at Sans Tache, Mumbai
  • 1998 : Work auctioned by Sotheby's in aid of the National Association for the Blind, Hong Kong Bank
  • 1997 : "50 Years of Independence", National Gallery of Modern Art, Mumbai
  • 1996 - 1999 : Miniature Format Show, Sans Tache, Mumbai
  • 1995 : ‘Puppets’, Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai
  • 1993 : 'In Search For Talent', Vadehra Art Gallery, Delhi
  • 1993 : 'The Nostalgia Collection, Hotel President, Berlin
  • 1991 : Miniature Format Exhibition, Bombay organised by Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi
  • 1980 : Monsoon Show, Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai
  • 1980 : One Man Show, Hotel Ruwi, Muscat
  • She Has participated in various Art Exhibitions such as Maharashtra State Art Exhibition, Bombay Art Society Annual Exhibition, Art Society of India and Kala Mela organised by Lalit Kala Academy. Has also taken part in many camps and group shows.


Group Shows :

  • 1993 : Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai


Collections :

  • Air India
  • Indian Hotels
  • Leela Kempinski
  • Kirloskar Oil Engines
  • H.C.C. Ltd.
  • Enron
  • Swiss Embassy
  • Lalit Kala Academy
  • Indian Oil
  • National Gallery of Modern Art


Others :

  • 1997 : Film International for Telecast on Holland T. V. A programme "Style" was telecast on BBC featuring "Mini Format" paintings.
  • 1995 : Films / T. V. Coverage - A film portrait was shot on the artists work as part of a feature on contemporary Indian Art the feature was shot by Rehman.
  • She is popular for her painting series "Puppets" and for several years she worked on this series and got very good appreciation by art buyers.


  • Nayika - V, Painting by Shubha Gokhale
  • Meera - XVI,Painting by Shubha Gokhale
  • Nayika - VII, Painting by Shubha Gokhale
  • Meera - VIII,Painting by Shubha Gokhale