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Niranjan Mhamane

Niranjan's works impressively showcase the alluring blend of traditional quality of drawing and two dimensional quality of the composition, the important thought from the modern art. He also emphasizes on creating mood and atmosphere in the painting. "I think I am quite fortunate to be in the 21st century where I have a freedom of expression as an artist, and I can sensitively render the things which appeal to my sensibilities. Today's artists are not bound by any particular ism or thought, except to be sensitive enough to get fascinated visually by the world around. I consider myself in the Representational side of painting. I think subject tells the approach you should employ for the artwork. Sometimes drawing becomes the main aspect of the work, sometimes colours, texture and sometimes the design element. But creating mood and atmosphere in the painting remains the main challenge for me. I think it adds life in the painting and that is the thing in the subject which most of the times makes me paint it! I try to be honest with the sensation I get when I am confronted with subject throughout the painting. There is lot of emotional sharing also about the visual aspect of painting. If the viewer too gets the same sensation I had, while looking at my artwork, I consider myself successful enough in my attempt," says Niranjan.

Niranjan's career graph as a young artist has been fantastic. He is recipient of many state level and national awards in painting. He was selected for the prestigious Camlin Art Foundationís Euro Art Tour scholarship, through which he visited the museums and art galleries in Paris, Rome, Vatican and Florence. "To take a look at my most beloved artists original artworks in the museums was the biggest learning experience I ever had! The feeling is so wonderful when you stand in front of a Michelangelo's sculpture, Rubenís gigantic painting, Rembrandt's self-portrait or a John Singer Sargent landscape! It's a great lesson in the virtuosity with which these masters created their art." He adds. Niranjan has won an international award in the drawing, two of his drawings are featured in the book called 'Strokes of Genius : the Best of Drawing, published by North Light Books, USA. Niranjan enjoys working with all the mediums including charcoals, pastels, water colours, acrylics and oils.


  • 1982


Education :

  • G. D. Arts (Drawing & Painting)


Exhibitions :

  • 2004 : Art Society of India, Mumbai
  • 2004 : The 7th Western Region Art Exhibition of Camlin Art Foundation, Mumbai
  • 2003 : South Central Zone Cultural Centre, Nagpur
  • 2003 : Chitari Academy of Fine Arts, Pune
  • His work was displayed in the small exhibition organized by the Samskar Bharati, Mumbai in a camp at Bhayander.


Group Show :

  • 2006 : Group show 'NISARGA GAAN' of Samskar Bharati at ART 2 DAY Gallery, Pune
  • 2005 : Group show in the Bliss Art Gallery, Pune
  • 2005 : Group show 'KALAVISHKAR' organized by Nehru Centre, Mumbai


Awards :

  • 2006 : The drawing contest organized by North Light Books Publication, USA, which was an international selection.
  • 2007 : All India Lokmanya Tilak Art Competition.
  • 2006 : Camlin Art Foundation's Euro Art Tour
  • 2005 : Chitari Academy of Fine Arts, Pune
  • 2005 : The 8th Western Region Art Exhibition of Camlin Art Foundation, Mumbai
  • 2005 : All India Lokmanya Tilak Art Competition
  • 2004 : Late Barrister V. V. Oak Smriti national award, All India Lokmanya Tilak Art Exhibition, Pune
  • 2003 : Jury Honor Award in national painting competition held at Ujjain by Kalawart Nyas
  • 2002 : On the Spot Landscape Competitions held at Satara & Pune



  • Mr. Phillips Collier, Australia
  • Dabhol Power Project, Maharashtra
  • Ali Masoud Al Sunaidi, Muscat and many works in private collections.


  • A walk, Painting by Niranjan Mhamane
  • Shivali ,Painting by Niranjan Mhamane
  • Glory, Painting by Niranjan Mhamane
  • The Pull,Painting by Niranjan Mhamane