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Tejas Modak

Artist Tejas Modak

Tejas Modak graduated in Applied Art from Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya in 2006 and is the author and artist of Private - eye Anonymous : The Art Gallery Case - a graphic novel that was published in 2008 by Westland Books. His second graphic novel Animal Palette was published in 2011 and showcased at the Jaipur Literature Festival in 2012.

Tejas has participated in a few group shows and has had two solo shows. He experiments with various media and creates works that are an amalgamation of his external environment and personal perception. To him the creation of a work is the creation of an open space that a viewer can enter and perhaps associate with, question or resonate with on a visual and psychological level.

Artist Statement :

I love to write, illustrate, make comics. I love to paint. I love keeping a camera handy and going button-happy. I wear my heart on my sleeve and fall for things easily. I get inspired at the drop of a hat. I'm a kid in a gigantic amusement park. I want to jump onto every ride!

I love talking to people and exchanging ideas. I make friends easily. I daydream.

I'm a storyteller. My pursuit in life is to tell stories through words and pictures that will entertain, enthrall and inspire people for a long time. Not out of an abstracted sense of immortality but simply out of an urge to have a lot of fun while I'm here.


  • Through The Woods, Painting by Tejas Modak
  • Urban Cadence, Painting by Tejas Modak
  • City Scape, Painting by Tejas Modak
  • City Scape, Painting by Tejas Modak