Khula Aasmaan (खुला आसमान) international online art contest

Last date for current contest is 31st July 2021

Khula Aasmaan international online art contest is a unique drawing, painting and art competition designed to encourage creative expression. While the art contest started in 2016 for children and young adults, we are now extending it to all age groups.

Art Contest Highlights

  • 24 x 7 Online submission
  • Open for all age groups and nationalities
    1. (1) less than 5 years
    2. (2) 5 to 15 years
    3. (3) 15 to 30 years
    4. (4) 30 to 60 years
    5. (5) 60 years and above
  • Submit drawings, paintings, cartoons, doodles, sketches, posters, digital art, collage
  • Use any drawing or painting medium of your choice
  • You have the freedom to select your subject or theme
  • Monthly contest - closes every month end and a new contest opens
  • Artwork sizes : A5 / A4 / A3 / postcard
  • Participation fee : Rs. 200/-. You can submit a maximum of 5 artworks. Specially abled persons will not be required to pay the participation fee. They should send their entry by email with full details of the artwork & medical certificate.
  • Prizes : We will send a specially curated hamper of art materials to all medal winners & honorable mentions. This will be sent by the speed post service of India Post. These prizes will commence from the monthly art contest for October 2021.

Benefits of being shortlisted

  • Each participant can download a Certificate of Participation.
  • Shortlisted artworks will undergo a second round of judging to decide Medals (Gold, Silver, Bronze) and Honorable Mentions.
  • Certificates for Shortlisted, Honorable Mentions and Medal Winners will carry the image of the artwork.
  • We create a dedicated web page for you. You can keep adding your new artworks to your dedicated web page for a period of 3 years.
  • Your artworks will be promoted and put out for sale on Indiaart art portal.
  • We encourage all shortlisted artists to talk about their art. We create videos from these audios which will showcase your artwork with your narration in the background. These videos are shared on our YouTube channel as well as shared through video pages in our website.

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