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Quarterly art contest for April to June 2024

Theme : Environment and Forest

Open for all age groups and nationalities

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Khula Aasmaan offers several art competition themes or subjects to choose from. Apart from the suggested themes, you are free to submit artworks on any theme of your choice.

Art on Postcard

"Art on Postcard" is an initiative by Khula Aasmaan to get the children back to using the good old postcard. Experience the charm of writing a postcard and painting it.

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Hall of Fame
painting by Rucha Damle

Rucha Damle, Mumbai

painting by Aarav Shetty

Aarav Shetty, Bengaluru

painting by Keya Potkar

Keya Potkar, Mumbai

painting by Shriya Nulkar

Shriya Nulkar, Pune

painting by Dighi Banerjee

Dighi Banerjee, Kolkata

painting by Shrinkhla Sonkar

Shrinkhla Sonkar, Varanasi

painting by painting by J S Anshika

J S Anshika, Bengaluru

painting by Viara Pencheva

Viara Pencheva, Bulgaria

Art is an adventure which never ends. Enjoyed submitting my creation. Enjoyed seeing the paintings of other children in the gallery. Mihika Parulekar - Participant icon icon icon icon icon
Art opens up a beautiful world for children. We should respect their creation and let them be.
Chitra Vaidya - Artist, Art Teacher icon icon icon icon icon
There is an urgent need to revamp the way art education is addressed in our schools. The children need to be encouraged to express more. Late Vasant Sarwate - Senior Illustrator icon icon icon icon icon
माध्यमाचे स्वातंत्र्य, वैचारिक स्वातंत्र्य व आपल्या सोयीनुसार चित्र काढण्याची मुभा हा विचारच फार चांगला आहे. त्यामुळे कल्पनाशक्तीला नक्कीच वाव मिळेल असे वाटते. इतर कोणत्याही चित्रकला स्पर्धेपेक्षा खुला आसमान मला जास्त चांगली स्पर्धा वाटली. सौ. धनश्री श्रीराम साठे - Parent icon icon icon icon icon