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Emerging Artists

Sandhya Joshi

Artist Sandhya Joshi Artist Statement :

Art in any form is like a faithful companion who stays with you for life long. For me art is in the form of painting - paintings of Nature especially Birds and flowers. Nature is my favorite subject and it gives me immense happiness to be in Nature through my paintings. Apart from birds and flowers I also do various other paintings like landscapes, Warli. I have been using water colors and acrylic colors to do my paintings.

I have always felt that colors express our innermost feelings and this reflects through our work. Every painting not only teaches us something new but gives us endless happiness.

I started painting as a hobby and have not taken any formal training. Apart from painting I am also very much interested in astrology and am pursuing graduation in Astrology too. With my interest in painting and astrology I feel I can bring in the best of both in my work.


  • Bamboo Trees - 1, Painting by Sandhya Joshi
  • Lovely Chicks, Painting by Sandhya Joshi
  • Bamboo Trees - 2, Painting by Sandhya Joshi
  • Warli Web, Painting by Sandhya Joshi