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Aasha Radhika

Artist Aasha Radhika Artist Statement :

Born and brought up in an urban conservative family, my works majorly depicted my relatives - cousins, nieces and now my daughter. Therefore, humans predominate my visual vocabulary. Consequentially, human emotions are an integral aspect of the stories narrated upon my canvas. Gradually from very subjective themes I have gravitated toward objective subjects in my works. With the shift in location, from urban to rural, since three years there is a gradually shift which makes way for the rural in my current works : The green expanse of unpolluted nature and the rural folk glide into my vision. Especially women make their presence felt as they approach me in the form of self-help groups.

Facilitating economic empowerment to these women I have been observing the awakening of self confidence in them which enthralls me as a woman painter. While I see a certain underlying strength in these women the changing seasons alters the hues of the landscape - from green to Indian red, ochre and back to Indian red and green has induced inspiration for me to paint not just these women but also the landscape which belongs to them. Financial emancipation has not tampered the simplicity of the rural women but their aspiration to compete with their urban counterpart betrays their na´ve nature.

The rural is one aspect about my works but the core of my creative preoccupation has been my daughter. As a mother the strong urge to hold her, guide her emerges within me but all this gets reversed as when I learn so much from Haasini. The present works are experiences recreated in the form of paintings and drawings.

I have been painting in various mediums for more than 30 years and initiated exhibiting my works 14 years ago. The medium of egg tempera fascinated me the most the present series are mostly in acrylic. And all this was possible due to the immense support provided by my friends and colleagues. My immediate family is my emotional strength which helps me face the world.


  • Untitled - 1, Painting by Aasha Radhika
  • Untitled - 2, Painting by Aasha Radhika
  • Untitled - 3, Painting by Aasha Radhika
  • Untitled - 4, Painting by Aasha Radhika