Register with Indiaart

Register yourself with Indiaart Display your art. Sell your artworks. Get noticed by the world. Indiaart is seen widely all over the world. Benefit from this visibility that Indiaart can bring you and your artworks.

Categories for Registration

There are several categories in which you can apply to get registered with Indiaart. After you have submitted your application, it will be scrutinised. We will then send you the procedure and terms for registration with Indiaart. The registration can be as an artist, a sculptor, an artisan, a craftsperson, maker of handmade products and accessories, and other categories.

If you are a person with special needs or a divyang, and you would like to showcase your creations or offer your skills and services, please get in touch with Art India Foundation.

Completion of Registration Process

Registration with Indiaart will be complete after the applicant completes the process as per the procedure and terms sent to the applicant.