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Gauri Kodule

Artist Gauri Kodule Artist statement :

Painting art is nothing but the source of energy. It keeps me moving ahead and ahead. Art is different world of beautiful colors. It gives a different view to look at the nature and thinks created by god. A boundless beauty that comes out with inspiration.

I am hobby artist. Have learnt this art from my guru for 3 years. I love working with oil colors and poster colors. Would like to do work in other media also. Participated in a group exhibition at city hall was held by our institute. My paintings are inspired of human figures and nature.

Born : 1984

Education :

  • My graduation is in B-TECH (COSMETIC) a four year degree from Amravati University in first class.
  • I have learnt oil painting, drawing, sketching and poster color painting for 3 years from my guru in Private drawing classes.
  • I am a hobby artist. My hobby is my strength it keeps me moving ahead and ahead.


Current Occupation :

  • Working as a Marketing executive in Authorised passenger car dealership in Pune since 2 yrs.


  • Togetherness, Painting by Gauri Kodule

  • Nature - flowers1, Painting by Gauri Kodule