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Comments by Indiaart customers

I found the service standards of Indiaart of a very high order and I have no doubt that yours is an organization that can be relied upon for adopting high standards. The Ganesha that you sent to me in Australia was well packed and came through well.

- Jayant Y, Melbourne, Australia

Kudos for a wonderful experience of purchasing Art at your website! IndiaArt.com is, to a large extent, beyond criticism and has the potential to be the "iTunes for Art". Boasting of a vast choice of works from a wide array of Artists including professional, emerging as well as child artists. There really is something for everyone. What's more, I was impressed with the personalized service provided by IndiaArt.com right from selection to actual delivery of the Art works. Keep up the good work!

- A. Chopra, New Delhi

I recently bought an original artwork from indiaart.com whom I discovered while browsing the net. The entire purchase experience was good with the response level from Indiaart being first rate. They answered my questions very patiently prior to purchase and accommodated all my requests. The painting itself was delivered on time to me in Singapore and the quality of packaging was commendable. I have also subsequently received the authenticity certificate promptly. Overall it was a very good experience dealing with indiaart and I would encourage NRIs to patronise indiaart.com for their art purchases.

- R. Ananth, Singapore

Seduced by the fantastic painting, but initially daunted by buying over the internet, I purchased a painting called 'Dreams'. I was concerned as I usually buy art by looking at the original, not an image of it, but my fears were so unfounded. Not only was the painting all I had wished for (it was better!) the service, communication, packaging and delivery were second to none. I wholeheartedly recommend this wonderful service. I live in the UK and although thousands of miles from India, I feel so happy to have bought a little piece of Indian treasure all of my own.
Best wishes to India Art - they are fantastic Thank you for your advice and guidance.

- C. Luxford, U.K.

India Art gallery has been a pleasure to do business with. I am located in the USA, and have both sent relatives to the gallery in person to purchase art for me, as well as ordered apx 10 pieces to be shipped to me to the USA. The shipment service was phenomenal and exceeded my expectations in their packaging, care of the art, as well as timely and efficient manner the service was provided to me. The staff and management were more than courteous and patient in my numerous (and repitious!) questions and inquiries to them.
I would definitely do business with India Art Gallery again and again. Thank you very much for your wonderful service.

- M. S. Morris, Washington DC, USA

We purchased our first painting through Indiaart in May 2003 and since that time have been regular visitors to their website. The service which Indiaart provides is to be commended with every effort being made on their part to accommodate buyers. Authenticity of the works of art is always provided and the packaging has always been first class - a real credit to all involved. Our most recent purchase was made at the end of 2004 and again we were thrilled with the quality and security of packaging and promptness of delivery. It is our hope that Indiaart will continue to prosper and send them our good wishes.

- Mr. & Mrs Wood, U.K.

I looked up India Art from the google search listings. Initially there were not many expectations, because I did not know anything about India Art. To my surprise the response to each of my inquiry was extremely prompt. I finally did place an order with the gallery. The deliver was well in time and the art work was excellent. I am sure that India Art has a good team of artists that can deliver. Over all I would give India Art two thumbs up for the service and the quality of the product. Keep up the good work!!

- Chirag, California, USA

Comments by artists from India and abroad

Thank you Milind and Indiaart for creating a wonderful platform for emerging artists as well as senior artists. Indiaart has created a beautiful window which has brought the artist and the world closer. The exposure and accessibility of art through this window is commendable and I hope to continue this beautiful relationship for a long time to come. Above all, a huge thank you for encouraging working professionals to pursue their passion. Art, as they say, is for ALL. Heartfelt gratitude and wish you immense success in your endeavors.

- Anindita Sengupta
Emerging Artist

It has been wonderful doing business with Indiaart. They have been the perfect platform to showcase my work. The process of buying or selling anything online is based on implicit trust and Indiaart is the best in this. Uploading paintings, tracking them online and the selling procedures are all carried out systematically without any hassles caused. The guidance provided by Milind Sathe sir has been tremendous. Without his support it would have been a mammoth task to launch my artwork. Thank you for your support.

- Anjali S. Goel, New Delhi
Emerging Artist

My experience with Indiaart has been truly awesome. The team is fantastic and the website is truly world-class. It is one of the most convenient art websites i have ever experienced. I can easily upload and track my paintings. I have also been able to sell some of my Paintings through Indiaart. The payment procedures are also very simple and flexible. I am sure even the art lovers and connoiseurs too prefer Indiaart over other online art websites.

- Anuj Malhotra, Mumbai
Emerging Artist

I am so proud to have my works shown on the India art website. It is a moment of happiness that my work has been seen by so many art lovers I have also sold my work, thanks to Indiaart and what greater pleasure can an artist aspire for. Thanks especially to Milind Sathe, who took the trouble to give me the motivation to think of putting paint on canvas once again. Thank you for your advice and guidance.

- Vijaya Rajagopalan, Bangalore
Emerging Artist

Thanks for providing a platform for emerging artists like me to showcase our work. I am elated for my first sale with Indiaart. It is a dream come true as painting was just a hobby, but with your platform it gave me an opportunity to connect with the art world and take my passion to next level.

- Nupur Sinha, Pune
IT Professional & Emerging Artist

Thanks for your co-operation and the platform provided for artists. The experience of selling paintings through Indiaart, I would say just "professional". The timely and prompt communication made the selling process tranquil.
Looking forward for continuous support from Indiaart.

- Jitendra Sule
Emerging Artist

It has been 6 years now that I am working closely with India Art, and of course with you. My association had been on two areas: As part of Nandanik Sanstha, a social and cultural organisation, we organised some good Art Exhibitions as part of Bengali cultural events. India Art played a great part in managing the exhibitions and also organising some Art & Painting workshops. These were very innovative events.
My other association with India Art was of Marketing, Showcasing and Selling of my Art works. Since last one year I have been receiving very good response for my works. Credit goes to Milind and India Art. Their strong connect in the Art market is really appreciable. This reflects the sustained hard and intelligent work done by their team. Looking forward to a long lasting relationship with India Art.

- Utpal Mazumder, Pune
Emerging Artist

Comments by visitors to art exhibitions presented by Indiaart

We loved the arts and setting too. It is evident that you are pouring your heart into it. I admire your ability to keep doing so many different things in an ongoing manner. All the best wishes...

- Shreeniwas Shirsat

It's worth coming here, amazing hospitality, extremely beautiful painting.

- Roli Mishra

Amazing and a treasure to behold! Such great stories behind the stills made it so alive.

- P. Malhotra

प्रत्येक चित्रात एक नवीन अनुभव आणि रंगसंगती, पोत दिसून येतो. सगळीचं चित्र आनंद व डोळ्याला शांतता देणारी आणि मनाला मोहणारी आहेत. धन्यवाद...

- Prasad Rajopadhye

Beautiful experience! Gallery Environment and Everything is lovely!
Thank You.

- Ashok Gokhale

Great! Really worth watching! Enjoyed each photograph. Rare collection and photographs!

- Dr. Sunita Girish

Such beautiful images! Make me fall in love with India again!
The brilliance of the frames, colors and composition is amazing.

- Sonali Gogate

Wonderful! One relived the memories of Varanasi!

- Dr. Manik Kher

Beautiful! To see a display the sculptures and paintings with such vibrancy. It was a privilege.

- Abhijat Sridhar

An excellent nostalgic tour of yesteryears. Document of surrender is one, I would have never dreamt to see!

- Sadanand Joshi

Excellent photographs capturing essence of India!

- Atul Kanetkar

Loved the Banaras paintings. Hope to see many more such! :)

- Arundhati Kalkar

It is a great encouragement to our arts and artists. Paintings and sculptures were indeed enchanting.

- Prashant Iyengar

प्रेम वैद्य यांनी चित्रित केलेली सुंदर छायाचित्रे पाहून मनापासून खूप खूप आनंद झाला. प्रेम वैद्य यांची "Ocean to Sky" या मोहिमेची तसेच JRD टाटा यांचे फोटो उत्कृष्ठ आहेत. तसेच दिवंगत पंतप्रधान लालबहादूर शास्री यांच्या जीवनातील अखेरची ९ छयाचित्रे. तसेच जे. विसवेश्वराय आणि पं. नेहरू व इंदिरा गांधी उत्कृष्ट फोटो पाहून जुन्या स्मृती जागृत झाल्या.

- Prakash Namdeorao Navkar Rtd. Gaz. Officer of Ministry of Defence

Congratulations on the new gallery. We look forward to many such good shows. Best wishes!

- Dr. Kedar Munshi

Beautiful art!

- Aruna Sawant

Peaceful. The space and the display both. Thank You.

- Ambika Aruna Ganesh

Very commendable! Would like to see more and more of Art!

- Malti Kelkar

All the best!
Look forward to such events.

- Madhura Gogte

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