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Prachi Gorwadkar, a self motivated artist

Prachi Gorwadkar, a self motivated artist

Prachi is a self motivated artist, who paints subjects connected to warli art in its purest sense apart from nature and flowers.

Artist statement

I am a self-motivated Artist based in Pune. My subjects are more connected to Warli art in its purest sense by experimenting with forms, style, technique and Nature. Over the years, I have handled different mediums like pencil, oil, acrylic, watercolours, charcoal, soft pastels etc.

On Warli Art

I have worked more with Warli art before. The simplicity and the elegance of the Warli-style and the warli drawing has inspired the artist considerably. Also, this art in its pure form with the untamed beauty of mother nature is another reason for the artist to get attracted to the warli art form. Warli art, its drawings, different compositions and subjects have helped the Artist understand painting and these are reflected in her art work, especially the drawings.

Lover of Flowers

As a nature artist, I am an ardent lover of flowers which I think are pure and innocent. For me flowers are the symbol of energy.

"If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change." – Buddha

I have tried my hand in creating paintings by using different mediums with bright colours.



  • 2001 : BCS
  • 2003 : MCM from Pune University
  • 2020 : ATD

Exhibitions :

  • 2012 - Solo Exhibition
  • 2014 - Group show at Darpan Art Gallery
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