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Pratiksha Apurv

Artist Pratiksha Apurv

Niece and disciple of great-enlightened master OSHO, Pratiksha initiated herself in Sanyaas at the very tender age of 11 yrs. Before entering into art arena Pratiksha was a successful fashion designer with the client list of India's who's who. She believes in her identity and divine power more than any other worldly formation and jargon, she finds the colors in a moment devoted to almighty and she dedicate it to the moment. Ms. Pratiksha clearly defines the essence of being deep into art. Her strokes on canvas feel like rhythm of divine dance on the horizon. 'I don't know how to define the technicalities and process, as I' not much aware about cuts and other art theories. I just love to paint whatever strong thoughts I get in my mind." She says.

On the 1st Feb. 2007, former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee was on his way to formally inaugurate a painting exhibition, but the moment he entered the hall he immersed in the spirituality and energy of meditation. It was the solo show of Spiritual Odyssey, a painting exhibition of Pratiksha Apurv.

Vajpayee congratulated Pratiksha for painting spiritual journey of meditator on the canvas. "Pratiksha, I would like to bow to you. I was not aware of your talent and did not know of the quantum of work that you have created. Your creations are thought provoking. Please continue your search (Sadhna)." He said.

In her Second series of Spiritual odyssey exhibition at NCPA Mumbai, Pratiksha painted the Osho's wisdom on Canvas, which were widely accolades by art connoisseurs. Nita Ambani, President, Dhiru Bhai Ambani Foundation, who inaugurated the exhibition, was all praise for Pratiksha, who she said is multi-talented. "I feel honored to be here. All your paintings has spiritual fragrance and you seem to be surrounded by spirituality yourself." She said to Pratiksha.

In one of her exhibition at Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi in 2008, Pratiksha launched her Upanishad Collections. Former national Security advisor Shri. Brajesh Mishra inaugurated the show. Mishra said,"Pratiksha is depicting the life philosophy on the canvas and challenging the world to understand it."

  • Patanjali - The Great Inner Scientist, Painting by Pratiksha Apurv
  • In touch with Existence, Painting by Pratiksha Apurv
  • Beyond Senses, Painting by Pratiksha Apurv
  • In Praise of the Lord, Painting by Pratiksha Apurv