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Painting by featured artists is a large curated collection. The artists represent diverse painting schools across India.

The list of artists includes old masters as well as contemporary artists. The list includes names such as John Fernandes, Malavika Mandal Andrew, Ami Patel, Chitra Vaidya, H. C. Rai, T. Mahicha, Natu Mistry, Yashwant Shirwadkar, Satish Pimple, Milan Sharma, Kabari Banerjee, Kishor Randiwe, Shashi Bane, G A Dandekar, Anwar Husain, Manhar Kapadia, Milburn Cherian, Niteen Gupte, Madhura Sarade, Amita Goswami, Anuj Malhotra, Ivan Gomes, Sumita Dey, Deepali Saagade.

Between them these artists represent a wide canvas of artistic style and schools they come from. From classical, impressionistic, realistic, figurative, portraiture, semi abstract work, abstract, conceptual and contemporary, these artists cover almost the entire spectrum of artistic expressions.

The list of art schools they have studied at includes almost all the leading art schools in India. It includes Sir J. J. School of Art at Mumbai, Kala Bhavana at Santiniketan, Government College of Art and Craft at Kolkata, National School of Design at Ahmedabad, College of Art at Delhi, Institute of Music and Fine Art at Jammu, Lucknow Arts College at Lucknow, Faculty of Fine Arts at MSU Baroda, College of Arts and Crafts of Lucknow University, Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya at Pune and many more.

These art schools represent diverse traditions and culture. Therefore, this collection of artists represents all kinds of traditions, art practices and influences. This diversity makes this curated collections of artists so rich and interesting.