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Emerging Artists show - Artist Statements



Artist Aasha Radhika

Aasha Radhika, Hyderabad

I have been painting in various mediums. My artistic journey so far has depicted urban subjects which was followed by rural themes. The awakening of the rural woman has fascinated me. Beyond all this, the one thing that is central to my art practice is my daughter and the emotional strength I draw upon from my immediate family.


I am fascinated with egg tempera as a medium although my present series is mostly in acrylic colours.

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Artist Amita Goswami

Amita Goswami, Vadodara

My sensitive mind does not allow me to let happenings around me go unnoticed. Finally my true companion, ART, became a voice to my feelings. The mind of every sensitive person sets itself on a roller coaster ride throughout the journey of his life with a mix of emotions and expressions.


In Art, I have found a true companion, who has no expectations and yet bestows me with complete freedom to share my feelings with honesty and purity. A strong urge to express my thoughts and feelings introduced me to this companion and I truly thank my selfless companion.

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Artist Amrita Banerjee

Amrita Banerjee, Kolkata

The beauty of nature has never failed to captivate me, it is what I am involuntarily drawn to. My canvases are a slice of the breathtaking beauty I have experienced during the course of my travels in different parts of the world.


Brought up in the traditional form of painting techniques, I am inclined to use oil paints as my medium of choice. However, my curiosity and urge to experiment is leading me to different mediums with which now I am experimenting.Quite like my travels,it is a process of constant discovery and learning.

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Artist Lasya Upadhaya

Lasya Upadhaya, Bengaluru

As an artist with a deep love for nature, I strive to capture its beauty on my canvas with vibrant colours. With deep and bold yet careful brushstrokes, I bring life and movement to the scenery I am painting, be it landscape or floral. Born in the scenic location of Shimoga and brought up in the heritage city of Mysore, the various seasons and flowers of nature inspire me to bring out their beauty on my canvas in all their glory.


I am a self taught artist and my preferred medium of painting is acrylic on canvas. My artworks reflect the joy of experiencing nature.

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Artist Madhavi Srivastava

Madhavi Srivastava, Mumbai

Art is a fantastic medium of expressing human creative skills involving imagination and communication of emotion.


I am a self taught artist. Painting is where I find most of my happiness and creative fulfilment. I am mostly inspired by the beauty which nature has in it and try to bring it out on canvas. I love bright colours and feel that colours manifest and inspire the most. I simply love playing with colours on canvas as it means prayer to me and nothing else. It connects me to the divine and gives me immense pleasure.

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Artist Manju Srivatsa

Manju Srivatsa, Jaipur

Flowers are very deeply embedded in the psyche of every Indian. And there are some very Indian flowers. They grow the year round, and all around us. We see them everyday, and grow and nurture them.


We pray with them and offer them to our God. We also offer different flowers to different Gods. So much so that flowers have become a symbol of our devotion and our faith.


I want to immortalise these flowers in my paintings so the world can see them. And love and cherish them as I do.

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Artist Mrudula Bapat

Mrudula Bapat, Mumbai

I like to paint nature and every other object in the surrounding. My endeavour is always to give a feel of vitality to the objects in my painting. My first love has always been watercolour painting although I also like to do pencil sketches.


Painting is like meditation to me. It takes me to a different world and gives me a sense of satisfaction and fulfilment.

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Artist Namrata Biswasa

Namrata Biswas, Kolkata

Since traveling is my passion, I pick up nuances from different people in different places and put them in colours on the canvas. My profession in anaesthesia allows me to explore the consciousness and the unconsciousness and the grey areas of the time phase in between. So all the art and the science of the mind comes together on my canvas when painting a particular frame. The freedom of mind and the colours of the imagining brain is seen in the movements of the figures in acrylic or oil paintings.


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Artist Nandita Sharma

Nandita Sharma, New Delhi

My school days encouraged and grew a passion for arts inside me. I used arts as a medium to express myself, not only as a medium for myself but also in helping other's. From seniors to juniors, to teachers everyone used to look up to me and appreciated my passion for arts.


I studied Graphic designing and commercial art during my graduation after which I did a one year course in Advertising and PR and started working for the Indian Express group.


After a sabbatical of 27 years due to family commitments, here I am to present you my latest collection of paintings.

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Artist Narendra Gangakhedkar

Narendra Gangakhedkar, Pune

I am a person who loves art in all forms. The dormant desire of sketching and painting has come to the fore and is driving me now. I am fascinated by nature and its endless variations in forms, shapes, colours. I desire to hold on to that time through the paintings. The nature gives us the un-tainted and self-less happiness.


While I do not have any formal training in painting, the desire and the love for painting is so strong that it motivates me go ahead. I am mesmerised by anything that is creative.


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Artist Rupal Buch

Rupal Buch, Vadodara

I started my journey in art of painting as a hobby. This over a period of time got converted in a consuming passion. I use various hues of colours on my canvas to showcase vivid facets of human mind and to reflect upon my inner self.... I believe that through every painting, I am conveying something to the viewers....

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Artist Shefali Shah

Shefali Shah, Mumbai

I am not a traditional artist. I use visual arts without being bothered with conventional forms, colour, medium etc. I like to work with watercolours to convey my feelings in my drawings.


In each of my work I like to capture moments, where one can have multitude of emotions with colours and forms. I like to explore new boundaries of self-expression, through painting showcasing inner change and movements at the subconscious level.


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Artist Shikha Narula

Shikha Narula, Mumbai

Every time I pick up a blank canvas, I look at it as my window to the other world with limitless possibilities. However, my guiding principle is my quest for beauty. I try to capture special moments of peace, tranquility, love and hope. I want to share these special moments with the viewers by engaging them with my subject. My work follows the figurative impressionist movement and aims to be sanguine, elegant, poetic and timeless.


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Artist Sohini Ghosh

Sohini Ghosh, Mumbai

A drawing book and crayons were one of the best gifts, which my parents gave me as a child. I was always an introvert, so art became a way of expressing myself and the things closest to me.


I am a self-taught artist. I work in watercolour and acrylic. I love to paint animals and birds, maybe because I love wildlife. I feel, with every painting I learn something new.


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Artist Sumita Dey

Sumita Dey, Nashik

Since childhood I was dabbling in art. Apart from mandatory education, I successfully pursued my graduation in vocal music. All along I continued to play around with colours, music too remained a constant companion. My career as an educationist gave me the good fortune to take pleasure in the untainted emotions of children. My husband's postings took me to picturesque, remote and far flung destinations and many a times led to separation, both situations acted as a catalyst for my desire to pursue fine arts. Motherhood, dealing with children, picturesque locations and separation, all found expression in my paintings.


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Artist Urmila Nagle

Urmila Nagle, Indore

From my childhood I always found myself attracted towards natural world. I was searching for the perfect way to express my imagination. In mid of my life I realized that God has blessed me with a beautiful skill and I went for colours and canvas to express my imagination. I believe that if our interest becomes our profession then that is the best thing that can happen to anyone.


My work is mainly inspired by nature, its beauty and diversity.


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Artist Vishnu Bhatwadekar

Vishnu Bhatwadekar, Mumbai

From my childhood, I took a liking to painting and have been sketching and paintings as a hobby even when being very occupied professionally as an architect. After formally retiring from my professional commitments, I am pursuing my interests in art and study of agriculture and weather. It gives me immense satisfaction to be with farmers and share with them news and views related to agriculture and weather.


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