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Coronavirus vaccine superhero painting

painting of coronavirus vaccine superhero by Aaron Raj - medal winner in Khula Aasmaan art contest

Listen to Aron Raj (9 years) from Pune, Maharashtra as he talks about his gold medal winning artwork from Khula Aasmaan painting competition for children, young adults and others. (April to June 2021)
See full contest result for April to June 2021.

Video about painting of coronavirus vaccine superhero

Artist Statement

Thanks for selecting me as a winner. Below is the write up for my intro. I am D. Aron Raj, age 8, studying in Indira National School, Pune. I started scribbling on the wall at the age of 2, and started watching online drawing videos and started drawing creative artworks.
I like to draw animals, birds, landscapes, creative artwork and also awareness creating artwork which I have drawn and won creating awareness in International blood donation, save frog Corona Awareness etc.
Watercolor is my preferred medium for painting, but I have worked with oil pastel and acrylic also.I have a youtube channel called Aron creativity .
In my artwork I imagine myself as a superhero doctor and explain about Covid Safety. Usually people have the fantasy of superheroes in all situations. I imagine myself as a vaccine superhero to create awareness about CoronaVirus. Please stay home, stay safe, wash your hands and surroundings with sanitizers. Drink an adequate amount of water, keep increasing your immunity by eating fresh vitamin C fruits and vegetables. Keep 6 feet distance while going outside, wear a mask, take steam now and then. Please take 2 doses of vaccines at proper intervals mentioned by guidelines. I hope if we all join hands together and follow safety guidelines, we all are the superheroes overcoming this Covid 19 pandemic. So that we children can go back to school and recollect all our memories. We all are caged inside online classes, gadgets, TV, indoor games etc. Covid 19 has affected the whole world very badly with the economy and losing dear ones. Please do whatever possible for the affected people.

Thank You Khula Aasmaan for giving such a creative platform.