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Keywords: Professional Artists, Emerging Artists, Paintings, Children's Art

Heritage by Natu Mistry

The Young Old Man : Natu Mistry


Artist Natu MistrynMy first interaction with Natubhai was in 2001 at Ahmedabad thanks to Arindam Mitra. Arindam who is based at Ahmedabad was assisting Indiaart at that time in connecting with people from different walks of life including artists. What struck me immediately was the enthusiasm of Natubhai who seemed keen to do so many things and was open to ideas.


It has been more than 10 years now that I have had the privilege of working with Natubhai and it has been a warm relationship always. I am kind of scared of discussing any new idea or proposal with him simply because I know that the answer will be a Yes.


Natubhai’s pen & ink work attracted me then and things have not changed. Born in 1933, Natubhai continues to work every single day and produces those fine works. So many clients have picked up his works. Natubhai is an inspirational figure - every young artist needs to see the dedication and discipline that Natubhai is all about.


Out of Natubhai’s significant body of work, what impressed me the most was his works on the themes of heritage structures in India. I have therefore requested Natubhai to present this new series titled “Heritage”.


Please view this collection which has been put up as a special featured exhibition on Indiaart.com. Apart from the paintings, do not miss the film on Natubhai directed by the young filmmaker Ajay Kannaujiya and an interview with Natubhai. Also being presented are his select works from the series on Krishna and Shiva apart from select cartoons. All this will give you a good insight into the young old man Natubhai.


Please send your comments and feedback about this featured exhibition to indiaart@gmail.com. Select comments and feedback will be published on a page dedicated for viewer's comments.


Milind Sathe

August 2013