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Heritage - Film on Natu Mistry

by Natu Mistry



Film directed by Ajay Kannaujiya and produced by National Institute of Design


Ajay Kannaujiya had a clear vision of becoming a filmmaker ever since he was in school. Born at Allahabad and brought up at Azamgarh, Ajay was fascinated by films since his childhood. This brought Ajay to National Institute of Design at Ahmedabad to learn filmmaking.


While being a student at NID, Ajay plunged into the world of films he so aspired to be in. He made ad films apart from a short film "Toba Tek Singh" on the life of well-known Urdu litterateur Sadahat Hasan Munto which received critical acclaim.


A chance meeting with artist Natu Mistry impressed this young filmmaker about the dedication, devotion and commitment of Natubhai to his art at the age touching 80. This inspired Ajay to make a film on Natubhai. Ajay is currently studying in the final year at National Institute of Design and is busy making several films.


The film "Natu Mistry "Chetak" - Ek Dhun" was made as a class project at National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. It is directed by Ajay Kannaujiya and produced by National Institute of Design. Indiaart wishes to express sincere gratitude to Ajay Kannaujiya and National Institute of Design for making this film available. Ajay can be reached at kannaujiya.ajay@gmail.com. See his profile at https://www.facebook.com/ajaykannaujiya.