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Emerging Artists Show

(Edition II)



Artist Amita Goswami

Amita Goswami, Vadodara

My sensitive mind does not allow me to let happenings around me go unnoticed. Finally my true companion, ART, became a voice to my feelings. The mind of every sensitive person sets itself on a roller coaster ride throughout the journey of his life with a mix of emotions and expressions.


In Art, I have found a true companion, who has no expectations and yet bestows me with complete freedom to share my feelings with honesty and purity. A strong urge to express my thoughts and feelings introduced me to this companion and I truly thank my selfless companion.

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Artist Deepali Sagade

Deepali Sagade, Pune

Deepali Sagade has completed G. D. Art in 1998 from Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalay Pune. In school time she was in Aundh Sansthan near Satara and got inspiration of doing paintings from Aundh Sansthan's Museum.


She likes to paint creative landscapes in watercolour and figurative paintings in Oil and Acrylic colour. She has done digital paintings in Photoshop. She has also received Best Painting award by Chitari Acadamy, Chitrakalacharya Puram award and Best Landscape award by Kalasangam, Karad.

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Artist Ivan Gomes

Ivan Gomes, Pune

Born and brought up in The City of Joy, Ivan Kunal Gomes, an Engineer by profession discovered his passion in painting since his very childhood. He learnt the techniques of drawing from local art schools in the streets of Kolkata. His paintings are focused on the use of bright and vivid colors. He uses water, acrylic, pastel and oil as mediums. He tries to create paintings which depict human emotions which one can easily relate to and create landscapes depicting the beauty of nature.

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Janaki Anand, Mumbai

I have always been passionate about art but have only takenup painting seriously in mid-life. For the past twenty-five years of my life I had devoted solely to bringing up my two daughters and home. But even as a child I was keen on art and I have been painting intermittently over the years. I was always fascinated by colours and this pre-dominates in my earlier art but over the yearsmy art is growing with me gaining in form and substance. A lot of my recent works incline towards serious aspects of life and spirituality.

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Artist Mrudula Bapat

Mrudula Bapat, Mumbai

I like to paint nature and every other object in the surrounding. My endeavour is always to give a feel of vitality to the objects in my painting. My first love has always been watercolour painting although I also like to do pencil sketches.

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Artist Nandita Sharma

Nandita Sharma, New Delhi

My school days encouraged and grew a passion for arts inside me. I used arts as a medium to express myself, not only as a medium for myself but also in helping other's. From seniors to juniors, to teachers everyone used to look up to me and appreciated my passion for arts.


I studied Graphic designing and commercial art during my graduation after which I did a one year course in Advertising and PR and started working for the Indian Express group.

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Artist Nidhi Mittal

Nidhi Mittal, Pune

A humble and pious lady bestowed her talent to her daughters, Her daughter bequeathed her daughters with the same expertise, One of the daughters didnít realize the talent within, Till the day the opportunity awoke the artist within.

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Artist Nupur Sinha

Nupur Sinha, Pune

'Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain one once we grow up' - Pablo Picasso.


I've only wanted paper and beautiful colors. It was my dream, and it still is my dream. That's my gift from life which I want to share with the world.

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Artist Rupal Buch

Rupal Buch, Vadodara

I started my journey in art of painting as a hobby. This over a period of time got converted in a consuming passion. I use various hues of colours on my canvas to showcase vivid facets of human mind and to reflect upon my inner self.... I believe that through every painting, I am conveying something to the viewers....

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Artist Sanika Dhanorkar

Sanika Dhanorkar, Pune

The world of art is like none other... creative, soothing, mesmerizing, therapeutic. Art was in the family for Sanika Dhanorkar. Having spent her childhood in the ancestral home of her great-grandfather Late Shri. L. N. Tasker (ex-principal- Sir J. J. School of Art, Mumbai - 1898-1937), pursuing it with passion came naturally. A Post-Graduate degree in Fine Arts followed, along with a Diploma in Interior Design. Having worked in both the fields this far, she would love to keep painting to glory forever. Realism, Impressionism & occasionally Expressionism are the art styles she largely follows without restricting herself to any particular medium. Oils, Acrylics, Watercolours, Gouache, Charcoal, Pastels are all equally enjoyable mediums that she loves to dabble in.

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Artist Sudha Srivastava

Sudha Srivastava, Pune

I am pursuing my hobby of expressing myself through my paintings. I have got no formal training and education of art but it's encouragement of family and my well wishers which keeps me motivated and I believe that my deep love of painting and my perseverance with hard work and consistent strive to perfection will converge me into a professional artist. Towards I have deep love to nature. In my childhood I got opportunities to stay in valleys surrounded by Himalayas and rivers emanating from it and have seen the nature in it's purest form and it reflects in my painting too. I do not want to confine myself to any one theme or form of painting but want to have freedom of art making of anything which makes me happy.

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Artist Sumita Dey

Sumita Dey, Nashik

Since childhood I was dabbling in art. Apart from mandatory education, I successfully pursued my graduation in vocal music. All along I continued to play around with colours, music too remained a constant companion. My career as an educationist gave me the good fortune to take pleasure in the untainted emotions of children. My husband's postings took me to picturesque, remote and far flung destinations and many a times led to separation, both situations acted as a catalyst for my desire to pursue fine arts. Motherhood, dealing with children, picturesque locations and separation, all found expression in my paintings.

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Artist Varjavan  Dastoor

Varjavan Dastoor, Pune

I am an engineer by profession, but creating art has always been the activity that I enjoy the most. I am a self-taught student of art and have been pursuing graphite pencil sketching since class 8 in school.

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Artist Vikram Jadhav

Vikram Jadhav, Pune

I am an engineer by profession, but creating art has always been the activity that I enjoy the most. I am a self-taught student of art and have been pursuing graphite pencil sketching since class 8 in school.

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