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Contradictions - Testimonials

by Raqesh Vashisth



Raqesh is a great artist. His talent can be seen in various forms of art which he has performed in. He is a wonderful theatre, TV and film artist but what surprised me the most was that he is an equally good painter. His paintings are well defined and are full of expression. The ‘Horse’ series is too good. I wish him all the best for future. God bless!


Mrs. Sangeeta Arun Jaitley


Evocative art which makes you pause and wonder... I, especially love the partition series that has been captured so beautifully... Spell bound !


Huma Qureshi



The toughest thing in the world is to reveal yourself, to express what you want to. As an artist, Raqesh explores his inner self - he dares to be himself and show it. As an actor - playing characters everyday, becoming someone else and living that character for months - he is rich in experience from seeing life from others perspective. This is what shines through in his art - it is versatile and refreshing!


Roheena Nagpal

Interior Designer and Business Architect - Atelier


Raqesh’s works are striking! Full of energy and movement, capturing in one moment the dichotomy of silence and spaces, the gaps between the imagined and the imagining. In stark charcoal lines he maps a landscape of totems and talismans juxtaposed with the essential loneliness of the human condition.


Ahsan Ansari

Director - Clay Architecture and Interiors

A strong compulsiveness to engage with their own pathos or struggle is what makes the human expression on the pivotal characters stuck in a symbolic maze of their past, present and unforeseen so much more poignant. Raqesh’s deft, bold and unapologetic brushstrokes tell more than a story. The ‘Horse’ series, one of my personal favourites gracefully captures the agility of form and speed almost likening it to the unhindered spirit breaking free from the shackles of limitation.


Tejal Mathur

Interior Designer


Raqesh’s work reflects his evolution as an artist and human being. They are a poignant yet candid insight into the world of ‘Contradictions’ that we live in today. I wish him all the best in this endeavour.


Nikhil Chaturvedi

Managing Director - Provogue India