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Keywords: Professional Artists, Emerging Artists, Paintings, Children's Art

Contradictions - About Artist

by Raqesh Vashisth



Artist Raqesh Vashisth Deep in the labyrinth of our soul consciousness, we carry with us the magic and purpose of innocence each child carries. Raqesh Vashisth, a wanderer in the world of art, you can call him an actor who paints the canvas with the magic of storytelling and versatility of characterization. His art bring forth the diversity and uniqueness of his cinematic journey.


Yet, he is not ready to settle down to calling himself an artist. For, if you were to watch him closely he carries that curious child perched gloriously on his shoulders, steering ahead exploring the wondrous elements of his imagination.


His journey, as he recounts cannot be summarized into something as corporeal as the word ĎARTí. He believes in the metaphysical design of the universe. He creates faith by colors brushed on canvas.


His paintings reflect his early years of self-teaching and accidental learnings. His work is much more than figures or brush strokes. They are the affirmation of all his contradictions.


They possess pieces of him, his angst, his happiness, and his passion in equal measures as his demons, the dark alleys of his struggles and the light of his hope.


Ridhi Dogra Vashisth