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Milind Vishwas Sathe presented his solo photography exhibition at Nehru Centre Mumbai in 2016. This exhibition was a fundraiser for Nana Palkar Smruti Samiti Mumbai, who provide accommodation and other services to cancer patients at a nominal cost.

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I am amazed to see painting like quality in photographic work. Sheer poetry.

- Ar. Sudhir Jambhekar

I was more than just impressed. The pictures spoke a million words, touching various emotional cords. Some sent powerful messages…. like the Haji Ali with Mahalaxmi temple and a little boat with the tricolour. Even more was the way Milindji has expressed it all, and so poetically ! Following heart and passion matters indeed !

- Meera Ramchandran

Fantastic photography. Deep understanding of play of light and equally strong impact of narration.

- Dileep Wakankar

Loved the colours, texture and forms you have captured. Great work !

- Ananya Banerjee

Loved every photograph.

- Milburn Cherian

फोटोग्राफी अतिशय सुंदर व मन प्रफुल्लीत होते. छायाचित्रकाराचे मनपूर्वक अभिनंदन.

- नागेश रामचंद्र शेणॉय

Very innovative way to involve commoners to a social enterprise platform. Thats the way Milind to propagate the good work done by Nana Palkar Smruti Samiti. Their work really is very quiet and persistent. You have helped them to bring into limelight. Best of Luck.

- Dr. Madhav Sathe

Very beautiful, artistic and well displayed photographs.

- Malti Kelkar

अप्रतिम अनुभव …. अभिनंदन !

- सुहास बहुलकर

Amazing observation on the slow life of the people who live near the nature. Its amazing.

- Waseem Mastan

Beautiful colours in the photos ! Nice angles of shooting…

- Ar. Hemangi Kadu

Beautiful work. Very realistic images.

- Shefali Shah

Its a lovely exhibition. The fresh earthy colours and the crispness of the photographs mesmerised me. All the best.

- Malavika Mandal Andrew

Speechless !! Awesome ! Loved the landscapes.

- Siddharth Sathe

Mesmerising pictures which convey the emotion brilliantly and make you feel that you are temporarily a part of that world…

- Dr. Mihir Vaidya

Thought provoking shots. Loved the Haji Ali image and the colourful tree. Simply beautiful.

- Vedavati Joshi

A very expressive and painterly show.

- Dr. Manisha Patil

जिवंत .... बोलकी छायाचित्रे.

- अरविंद वैद्य

Amazing shots ! Left me spellbound and shuttled. me off to a completely different world !

- Dr. Kinnari Kasabwala

Spell bound. Love the Tentacles in the Sky !

- Shailaja G. Salian

Your work has a sense of belonging and wanderlust, each picture is an adventure. I hope the world is always your muse.

- Sampriya Bhandare

Great pics, Milind ! You have captured the different flavours vividly.

- Ashok Bharadwaj

Amazing array of works. Lovely play of light and colours. Looking forward to many many more.

- Anuj Malhotra

Incredible art and talent. Was difficult pinpoint a favourite. Absolutely super !!!

- Yogini Sharma

The exhibition has many photographs which are eye capturing. It really gives pleasure to experience the rare beauty of nature. Congratulations !

- Dr. Nalini Bhagwat

Wonderful images. I am in love with couple of images. All the best.

- C. S. Ojha

Amazing Art. Visual Delight.

- Girish Nirgudkar

Amazing vibrancy of colours. Unbelievable that these are photographs. Real creative effort. Many congrats !

- B. S. Shashidar

निसर्ग, मानव आणि विविध भावना यांचे सुंदर प्रतिबिंब या चित्रांत पडते . चित्रातल्या नेमकेपणामुळे खूप प्रभाव पाडतो. अभिनंदन !

- अशोक पानवलकर

हे फोटोंचं प्रदर्शन पाहणं हा एक अवर्णनीय अनुभव होता. अप्रतिम रंगसंगती, प्रकाशाचा आणि रंगांचा सुंदर मेळ व प्रत्येक फोटोमागे असलेली गोष्ट खूप आवडली.

- डॉ. सौ. उज्ज्वला मिलिंद वैद्य

Excellent work of art. Really impressed.

- Saurabh Tuteja

Each photograph looks like fantastic painting. Total colour scheme of each painting is marvellous.

- Mohan Saraf

Thank you for opening my eyes to the beauty the world has to offer ! Beautiful depiction of the aesthetics of nature.

- Elinor Mirza

Each picture tells a beautiful story. Very Nice.

- Ar. Vidya Raghu

Excellent work and all photography are so life like!! And all for a good cause !

- Aruna Mohankumar

Very inspiring photographs. Creative and poignant. God bless you in all your future endeavours.

- Dr. Maya Kirpalani

Lovely images with excellent narration

- Saify Akolawala

Great photos, great composition, interesting stories.

- Vikram Kanodia

Too good. Mr. Milind has an excellent “eye”. the composition, the angles and the object bring out the best through the photos. Beautiful !

- Narendra Gangakhedkar

Loved all the pictures. Very powerful compositions, variety of subjects and wonderful stories !! Subtle colours and minute details are captured nicely. Look forward for more such exhibitions… Wish you all the best !

- Chitra and Vijay Vaidya

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