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Paintings by Satish Pimple

12 September 2017

Paintings by Satish Pimple


The above paintings by Satish Pimple were sold recently. Satish Pimple is a senior professional artist from Maharashtra who has been working for more than 40 years. A serious artist, he has a deep interest in spiritual thought and mediation and this reflects in the paintings he creates. His paintings are a journey into the inner self where he relishes the dives into its unfathomable depths. These spiritual odysseys, whether into the inner self or into the world of infinite galaxies, find their expression in the canvases that he creates. The canvases richly draw upon the experiences that he has had during these meditative journeys which get expressed through the visual medium of paint on canvas. The drama that gets played out on the canvas in terms of light, shadows, forms, shapes, textures, colours, geometry, symbols, icons; capture the whole experience and can we say the ultimate truth of realisation.


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