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How to paint on canvas


For whom ?


This canvas painting video has been created for school children and college students, who wish to learn canvas painting. Apart from the children and young adults who wish to learn step by step painting, this canvas painting video will be useful to art lovers, hobby artists and amateur artists, who like to experiment and try new painting techniques.


Artist Chitra Vaidya about this painting demo video


In this video I have talked about acrylic on canvas as the medium of painting, how to start a painting, different types of brush strokes, how to use palette knife and other such topics.



About acrylic colours


Acrylic paints are fast drying paints. These paints are water soluble, but become water resistant when dry. We can create transparent effect, if we dilute the paints with water or acrylic mediums. If it is used thick, it gives effect like oil painting. These paints could be used on various surfaces such as paper, canvas, wood, wall etc.


More about the painting demo


In this video, I have painted a small canvas board using acrylic paints. Canvas board is easily available at any art shop or art supplies store. Acrylic tube paints are also available at stationary shop or art shop. Synthetic hair brushes and palette knife is used to apply the paints on canvas.


The subject chosen for this painting video was 'Bamboo'. Bamboo trees grow tall. Bamboo is used for construction, for furniture, for medicinal purposes, for food and many other applications. A flute is made from bamboo. The form of bamboo and its thin long leaves can create attractive compositions for paintings. I have painted such canvas paintings earlier in various colours schemes.


I started this painting by filling up the canvas with light yellow acrylic paint using flat brush, and created patchy background for the painting. After drying the background colour, I drew few bamboos with dark paint. The objective was to create a good composition. I used palette knife to paint the bamboo stems. After that, I painted the leaves with combined use of pointed brush and palette knife. I continued to paint till I could get the result which I wanted. The entire process is very enjoyable. Do try and let me know if you enjoy painting on canvas.


Khula Aasmaan will keep creating such videos for you. We will be happy to share these videos with you.



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