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Peep into the beautiful world of Indiaart through the windows of specific themes we have created for you. Makes your process of viewing artworks much easier and helps you to make your choice. The themes include abstract, architecture, Banaras, buddha, buddhism, children, christ, cityscapes, conceptual, dance, flowers, folk Art, ganesha, Heritage, Himalayas, Kerala, Kashmir, landscapes, love, Mumbai, music, nude, portrait, Rajasthan, river, spiritual, temple, Venice, woman, tribal and many more.

Khula Aasmaan

Kids art competition | Painting contest | Photo contest
Science essay contest | Student essay contest

Indiaart supports and promotes Khula Aasmaan, a platform for creative expression by children and young adults. Khula Aasmaan runs art contest, painting contest, free drawing competition, photo contest and science contest for children and college students. Khula Aasmaan is free. Khula Aasmaan has a special focus on the underprivileged, rural, tribal, remote communities and children with special needs.

Art Contest Science Contest

Khula Aasmaan - Painting by Ananya Aloke

Painting by Ananya Aloke

Khula Aasmaan - Painting by Yashranjani Das

Painting by Yashranjani Das

Khula Aasmaan Science Day Contest - Painting by Nidhi Pokharna

Painting by Nidhi Pokharna

Khula Aasmaan - Painting by Darshana-Tumbada

Painting by Darshana Tumbada

Khula Aasmaan Science Day Contest - Painting by Shila Dhodhade

Painting by Aayush Bhogale

Khula Aasmaan - Painting by Mehak Borse

Painting by Mehak Borse

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Videos in Indiaart.com

Khula Aasmaan art workshop at Dhamangaon ashramshala


Videos of art exhibitions (paintings, sculptures and photography), events, workshops, demonstrations and talks organised by Indiaart and Art India Foundation. These videos feature professional artists, emerging artists, sculptors, photographers, folk artists and artisans. Child artists and young artists from the "Khula Aasmaan" also feature in these.

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Blog on art and artists of India, sculptors, photographers, old masters, collectibles, exhibitions, events and children's art.

This is a blog by Milind Sathe , art promoter and founder of Indiaart. After he crafted the art portal Indiaart.com, Milind conceptualised, curated and presented several hundred art exhibitions and events under the banner of Indiaart Gallery. He went on to set up Art India Foundation, a trust which works on several long term initiatives using art for social transformation. The latest initiative is Khula Aasmaan, which has now become a pan India project.

Recent Blog posts

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A precious gift – Call of the Valley

Call of the Valley, painting by Anuradha Kabra

Recent Additions

Urban life, painting by Vinay Sane

Twilight, painting by Kanak Sharma

Recent Additions

This section will show all the new additions to Indiaart with links to the portfolios of the artists whose new artworks have been added as well as other content. indiaart.com is being continuously updated with new content such as news, articles, artists, sculptors, photographers with their profiles and portfolios of paintings, sculptures and photographs. This section will serve as a quick guide to the new content added. Here are the recent additions :

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