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Artists in painting exhibition TRIO

18 to 24 June 2019 at Nehru Centre Art Gallery, Worli, Mumbai
11a.m. - 7 p.m


Three artists - Pradip Sarkar, Nirmal Pathare and Vinay Sane - have come together to create this special exhibition titled “TRIO” which will be presented at Nehru Centre Art Gallery, Worli, Mumbai in June 2019.

Artist Pradip Sarkar

Pradip Sarkar

Profile | Portfolio

I firmly believe that a human being is the most unique creation in the universe. The spiritual domain surrounding the multitude of mankind is indeed my source of inspiration. Most importantly it is my unwavering conviction that every individual is imbued with extensive diversity and collectively their restive striven attitude appeals to me greatly. Some times people are neglected, depressed in spirit and at times they may be delighted and illuminated. At this juncture all those voices, emotions, joys and sorrows are the driving force for me and provide me a prologue to my work. I have been toiling hard with my brush and pigments for the last twenty five years or more to express the varied human moods. In fact, I know not what my next painting would be but the canvas leads me and I follow.

The series of my recent paintings titled ‘Rhythm and Melodies’ is a saga of urge whereby the depicted deeds inspire others. Love, affection, innocence and festivity are at the root of my sonata.

Some years back, when I embarked upon the notion of working on the theme of my first painting titled ‘Musicians’, I found myself completely charged and instilled with energy. ‘Dhol’ which is supposed to be the most religious drum in India, infused strength in me and a pipe (flute), a musical instrument, crept into my subconscious mind. All these have helped me create the desired ambience for my themes to the best of the required expression and effect. Finally, I do not think that one can force a message into my work at any cost. Art in itself should be it’s final message.

Artist Nirmal Pathare

Dr. Nirmal Pathare

Profile | Portfolio

A medical microbiologist by profession, Dr. Nirmal Pathare has always had an ardent passion in fine arts, especially drawing, painting, and sculpting.

Journey as an artist
She started working with charcoal and watercolour at a young age. However, her penchant for the abstract and eagerness to experiment led her towards oil colours, a medium she extensively has been working in the recent years.

Her paintings
Her paintings present vivid exploration of light, its interaction with colours and articulate emotions on the canvases. Studying sentiments of living beings and the ability to metamorphose them visually is what makes her paintings both unique and intriguing. She has dedicated her time to be a full-time artist for the past five years.

Artist Vinay Sane

Vinay Sane

Profile | Portfolio

Vinay’s interest in painting as a way to express himself began 30 years ago, while studying for his electrical engineering at IIT Bombay, INDIA. Over the years during his travels and assignments abroad, he has experimented with various techniques and mediums for his paintings, eventually settling down to abstracts and abstractive landscapes. This genre allows him to explore the mind and the nature.

From being ‘an engineer who loved to paint’, Vinay has now made the transition to ‘an artist who is also an engineer’. He believes one can follow this journey, this transition, this genesis of an artist by following the evolution of his paintings. The beauty of his paintings is that, they lend an ear to the viewer, wherein one can explore and listen to the resonance of nature and mind.

Vinay's painting efforts have also been greatly influenced by the tranquil surroundings of his ancestral home in Wai, Maharashtra, a place he keeps returning to, to spend many hours on the banks of the beautiful Krishna river. He finds peace and an inner spiritual experience when he paints. His expressions on canvas are interpretations of his surroundings felt from his heart. At times he even feels they are a reflection of his soul. Vinay has not adopted a specific style for his paintings. In other words, he doesn’t have an artist's 'signature' that acts as an easy identifier to his work. His paintings are a culmination of his thoughts, his emotions and his ideas. His paintings need to be 'felt' and ‘experienced’. The joy of viewing his paintings gets multiplied if one is able to feel the same emotions.