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Watercolour painting workshop by artist Chitra Vaidya

Art workshop on step by step watercolour painting by artist and art teacher Chitra Vaidya for Khula Aasmaan - part 2

About this watercolour painting workshop video ( Part 2 )

In this art workshop video, Chitra Vaidya demonstrates watercolour painting. This step by step watercolour painting guide takes you through various stages of making a watercolour painting and its finer aspects. This is done in an easy and friendly manner. This watercolour painting tutorial will be useful as a learning resource for school children, college students, parents, teachers, hobby artists, amateur artists, emerging artists and just about anyone who wishes to learn and experiment with watercolour painting.
This video has been presented by Indiaart for Khula Aasmaan, the platform for creative expression for school children and college students. This video is part 2 of the two part videos.

Artist and art teacher Chitra Vaidya

Artist Chitra Vaidya, well known for her watercolor painting, demonstrates the art of watercolour painting in this video ( Part 2). A prolific painter and a popular art teacher, Chitra studied fine art at Sir J. J. School of Art, Mumbai. She has been conducting painting workshops and painting demonstrations for students, corporates and other organisations.
Chitra Vaidya has presented her art through several solo and group exhibitions at leading art galleries. She works on diverse themes and is comfortable with handling mediums such as watercolours, acrylic colours and oil colours. She also uses pen and ink as a medium for her sketches. Apart from presenting her paintings through art shows, Chitra gets regularly commissioned to create paintings for individuals as well as corporate collections.