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Painting competition for children to celebrate Science Day

Painting competition for children was organised by Science Park and Khula Aasmaan to celebrate Science Day 2019. Children from Pune created their artworks at Science park. Children from locations other than Pune submitted their entries online using Khula Aasmaan contest form.

Painting Competition Themes

Transportation and communication in future ¦¦ भविष्यातील परिवहन आणि दळणवळण
Space science ¦¦ अवकाश विज्ञान
Aliens on earth ¦¦ पृथ्वीवर आलेले परग्रहवासी
Cave man and today’s technology ¦¦ आदिमानव आणि आजचे तंत्रज्ञान