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Primary colours, secondary colours, colour wheel


Let us learn the concepts of primary colours, secondary colours, colour mixing and colour wheel in this art tutorial video.

Yellow, Blue and Red are the three basic colours as these cannot be created by mixing any other colours. It is possible to get new colours by using these three colours.

Let us see how this can be done.


Colour Mixing

You can see that the orange colour has been created by mixing Red and Yellow colours.

Now let us see how Blue and Yellow mix. Now you can see that we got Green colour.
So that means Yellow + Blue = Green

Next, we will mix Blue and Red colours. We will start with Blue colour and then add Red to it. Now we can see Purple colour.
So that means Blue + Red = Purple

To get light Green, we have to mix more Yellow and less Blue.
More Yellow + Less Blue = Light Green

To get light Orange, we have to mix more Yellow and less Red.
More Yellow + Less Red = Light Orange

We can achieve this effect by rubbing with a finger or by lightly pressing the crayon.

To get a light Purple colour, we have to mix both colours lightly.
Less Blue + Less Red + Light Purple

In this way, you can mix these colours.
Starting with only three primary colours, we can obtain several colour shades and create beautiful paintings.


Colour Wheel

Let us now look at the colour wheel.

Colour Wheel

Firstly, we will draw a circle and divide it into three equal parts. In the first part, we will apply the Yellow colour, Blue in the second part and Red in the third part.

The Mixture of yellow colour and blue colour results in Green colour.

Next, we will mix Red and Blue. We got Purple colour.

Now we will mix Red and Yellow.

The colour wheel is now ready.

Yellow, Blue and Red are primary colours. By mixing these, we get our secondary colours - Green, Purple and Orange.

Even if we have only three primary colours, it is possible to create other colours by mixing them. The way we created orange, we can also create Yellowish Orange or Reddish Orange. We can also get Reddish Purple, Bluish Purple, Yellowish Green, Bluish Green and similarly other different colours for creating our paintings.
It is therefore necessary to have the three primary colours with us and understand how to mix them to achieve desired colours and different shades of these colours.
Try creating various colour combinations by using the concepts you have just learnt. You will surely enjoy the process of creating new colours as you like.


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