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Girgaon sketches by Chitra Vaidya


Artist Chitra Vaidya about herself and her sketches of Girgaon or Girgaum : I am a full time artist and art educator. One of my favourite themes for sketching is heritage. I have done pen & ink sketches of several heritage structures in India. Girgaum in Mumbai is full of heritage. I have done several sketches of heritage buildings in Girgaum including the beautiful houses of Khotachi Wadi. I was happy to receive appreciation for these sketches and many of these are in the collection of art collectors. Here is my latest sketch from Girgaum which shows a typical old building there. I have used pen & ink as the medium for this sketch which has been done on acid free archival paper which ensures long life.


In fact, my childhood years were spent in Girgaum. I have beautiful memories of the area - the bylanes, chawls, temples, old houses, Ganesh festival and many more. I will keep sharing my sketches of Girguam and hope that these will keep alive the memories of this beautiful and culturally rich part of Mumbai.


Brief profile of artist Chitra Vaidya

An avid painter, Chitra Vaidya (born : 1965) likes to explore themes and subjects in a special way so as to bring to life the essence and ethos of her subjects, which have been very diverse as can be seen from her portfolio. Chitra completed her graduate and postgraduate studies from Sir J. J. School of Art, Mumbai and has nineteen solo and nineteen group exhibitions at leading galleries to her credit. The range of themes in her exhibitions reflect her active mind and keen spirit of exploration. It is her conviction that the realm of painting should go beyond creating a visual document and should in fact reflect the character of the subject. It is this belief and approach to painting that makes Chitra stand out. She has been a popular art teacher as she enjoys working with children and kindling the creative instincts in them. She has been conducting art workshops for all age groups and has done live painting demonstrations at several educational institutions. detailed profile


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