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Lush Life, digital art by Anushcka Joshi

Lush Life, digital art by Anushcka Joshi - bronze medal in Khula Aasmaan art competition for July 2021

Artwork Title: Lush Life
Medium: Digital Art
Size: A3

Video of Anushcka Joshi on her digital artwork “Lush Life”

Anushcka Joshi (17 years) from Balipara, Assam on her bronze medal winning painting in Khula Aasmaan monthly online art competition for July 2021.

Artist Statement

My name is Anushcka Joshi, and I am a grade 12 student from the Assam Valley School, near Tezpur in Assam. I am 17 years old. I have been interested in art ever since I was a child. In my initial few years of taking art as a subject, I was more into sketching and drawing, but since the past four years, I have been painting more often, usually in watercolour and oil medium. Personally, my favourite medium is oil, but the weather in Assam does not suit it very much. I am not restricted when it comes to the themes of the painting. My work inspiration stretches from impressionism to abstract art, including portraits, landscapes and imaginary compositions. Ever since the pandemic began, I started showing interest in digital art, primarily because of living in a remote area, lacking materials and resources due to the lockdown. The shortlisted work results from the need to express myself easily without having to bother with the lack of materials. So this particular artwork of mine is a digital artwork that I created on Adobe Illustrator. This illustration depicts a young girl amidst nature and wildlife seen since lockdown. The girl admires the beautiful orchids, the vibrant hues of butterflies, partridges hopping on wrought iron benches, energetic elephant herds and the occasional rhino that came in close proximity to humans. She is extremely blessed to stay in the sylvan countryside where nature blooms. The girl in the illustration actually depicts me amidst my visualization of nature and wildlife I saw since the lockdown in the beautiful countryside I live in. The pandemic has given me the time to absorb and appreciate nature.