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Wonderful Cats painting by Rohit Nair

The painting titled “Wonderful Cats” by Rohit Nair, received an Honorable Mention in Khula Aasmaan drawing and painting competition for April to June 2020.

painting of cats received honorable mention in khula aasmaan drawing and painting competition
Title: 6 Wonderful Cats
Medium: Poster colours & Colour pencils
Size: A4
Description: My picture depicts a loving nature towards animals. The painting was inspired by a Korean youtuber 'Clarie luvcat' whose videos depict 'Life of 7 adorable cats'. This painting is my hard work. During this lockdown I improved myself a lot in painting and portrait. 'Painting' was one of my big parts in the drawing but thanks to lockdown through which I improved myself in painting, thank you for shortlisting artwork. I hope you like my original one.

Rohit Nair on his painting of cats

Listen to Rohit Manikandan Nair (16 years), Model English School, Mumbai, Maharashtra, as he talks about his painting of cats.

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