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Pen & Ink artwork by Sakshi Bansod

Young artist Sakshi Bansod (21 years) from Silvassa, won a bronze medal in Khula Aasmaan international online painting competition for October to December 2020. She won this honour for her artwork titled “Bulky”.

Bulky, artwork in pen & ink, by Sakshi Bansod, medal winner in Khula Aasmaan international online drawing and painting competition

Painting Description

Painting Title : Bulky
Medium : Pen and Ink
Size : A4
Description by Sakshi - These days I am working on surrealist art which means realistic art beyond imagination and reality. In this artwork, I have tried to show emotions of bulky and heaviness as the students have to carry a bag full of bulky books to their schools. But now with the development of technology and especially in this pandemic situation bulky books have been transformed into light laptops, phones etc. In my artwork inspired by surrealistic art, I have tried to illustrate how books are being suppressed in laptops drawn with ink and micron pens on A4 size paper. This shows that with the help of developing technology we can make our life easy and convenient. Heavy bulky books are not the only option to gain knowledge as knowledge can be gained by any means and a laptop has more storage in it as compared to those piled up bulky books.

Sakshi on her artwork

Listen to Sakshi talk about her artwork - on YouTube, vimeo and SoundCloud.

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