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Browse through art exhibitions presented by Indiaart Gallery. These include painting exhibitions, photography exhibitions, sculpture exhibitions and children’s art exhibitions. These art exhibitions are either gallery exhibitions or online exhibitions. Some of them are solo exhibitions, whereas others are group exhibitions.

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List of featured exhibitions :

  • Mumbai Exhibition of Paintings by Anwar Husain
  • Jake Bullough Exhibition of Paintings, Drawings and Photographs by Jake Bullough
  • Madhusudan Kelkar (1916-2009) Exhibition of Paintings of Old Master Shri. M.K. Kelkar on his Death Anniversary
  • Childhood Memories... Joy Forever Exhibition of Bronze sculptures by Mukund Ketkar
  • Nostalgia Exhibition of painting by Anwar Husain
  • Hemant Joshi Exhibition of Sculptures
  • The Abode of the Ascetic Exhibition of Paintings and Demonstration by Vasudeo Kamath
  • EQUUS Exhibition of Paintings & Sculptures on The World's Most Magnificent Animal
  • Spires of the Spirit Exhibition of Sculptures
  • Search and Identity Exhibition of paintings by Suhas Bahulkar
  • Exhibition of Sculptures by Sharad and Swati Kapuskar
  • Early views of India Engravings and Lithographs by European Artists
  • Ganesha 1 Theme, 50 Artists, 100 Paintings
  • Search and Identity Exhibition of paintings by Suhas Bahulkar
  • Innocence Exhibition of paintings Group Show by Debjani Datta, Dinesh Desai & Priya Patil
  • Pride of Maharashtra Unique exhibitions of paintings by more than 50 eminent and promising artists from the state
  • The staircase of Light An Exhibition of Architectural Photographs by Prof. Y. D. Pitkar
  • Displaced Exhibition of paintings & Drawings by Kingsley Gunatillake
  • Anwar Husain Exhibition of paintings
  • Ajanta Paintings by Vijay Kulkarni
  • Old Master - J. D. Gondhalekar (1909-1981) Exhibition of paintings and sketches
  • Call of the Himalayas Exhibition of paintings by Kishor Randiwe

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