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Ramkinkar Baij

Old Masters

Ramkinkar is one of the important artist of Modern Indian Art - both in Painting & Sculpture. He may be considered as a most remarkable original sculptor in the period of transition from a traditional to modern movement. He came to Kala Bhavana as a student of Nandalal Bose in 1925 and sinse then he did not return to his birth place, a small village at Bankura. From 1934 Ramkinkar joined Kala Bhavana as a teacher of sculpture section and started his creative world in his own way. Ramklnkar is such a personality - whose work is informed with a sense of struggle, even the finished work is not restful, apart from its own dynamism. His art in contrast is essentially pioneering and personal. He is the father of outdoor sculpture in modern India - it is characterized by tremendous energy, strongly vital and reaching for the light. It has the surging movement of growth and his figures and forms are dynamic and earthy - Mill Call, Santal Family, Harvester, Speed are examples of his individual creative energy.


Exhibition :

  • 1976, 1967 : Nandan, Santiniketan
  • 1972 : Birla Academy
  • 1961 : Artistry House, Calcutta
  • 1960 : Singha Sadan, Santiniketan
  • 1942 : Delhi


Group Show :

  • 1979 : Silver Jubilee Exhibition, Lalit Kala Academy
  • 1970 : Nandan, Santiniketan
  • 1958 : Visva-Bharati Central Hall, Santiniketan
  • 1950 : 5th International Abstract Art Exhibition Paris
  • 1944 : Massey Hall, Delhi & Havell Hall, Santiniketan


Award :

  • 1919, 35 : First Indian Director, J.J. School of Art, Bombay
  • 1927 : Received the title of Rao Bahadur
  • He has been honoured by several awards and Gold Medals, Waddington Prize, Meyo Medal, Bombay Art Society Prize