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D. C. Joglekar (1896 - 1952)

Old Masters

Artist D. C. Joglekar Dattatraya Chintaman Joglekar, who worked largely in Mumbai, while traveling all over India, was a water colourist whose compositions included panoramic landscapes and architectural facets and views of urban and rural situations. Joglekar was the recipients of several important awards, medals and prizes including the Bombay Art Society.

Translucent, light filled aquarelle landscapes distinguish D. C. Joglekar's work. Several of his water colours carry a spatial openness and a peculiar lightness in rendering structural quotients including rocky grounds and architectural elements that allow his compositions to carry a breath of prana, the inner life force. The elemental presence that permeates the monuments and architectural elements that dominate his landscapes is achieved by layering colour washes with great skill and sensitivity. Very often joglekar chooses to view akasha through perspectives from within towns and old vadas with their quaint balconies that are suspended over the street. The peculiar rich, stillness is the hallmark of Joglekar's finer works.

Another important facet of the artist's colour wash application is evident in his remarkable treatment of rock, stone and masonry brilliantly. The artist's manipulation of light within the colour washes and his creation of contrasts that modulate the translucence of solid grounds with dazzling light drenched elements in his compositions afford an ascetic starkness to his realism. Joglekar was rooted in the indigenous environment; his aesthetic vision was awash with its pulse and rhythm. Perhaps his work as a field and laboratory artist and photographer in the Royal Institute of Science alongside his evolution as artist, gave him an unusual insight into the topography and panorama of the great Indian hinterland. His formal training in art provided the matrix from which he grew to distinguish himself as a remarkably gifted water colourist, who was able to bring in the emotive essence of Indian aesthetics into his painterly vocabulary investing his best aquarelles with a meditative poetic vision.


Born :

  • 1896


Education :

  • 1917, 1916 : Art Master from Sir J. J. School of Art, Bombay
  • 1916, 1915 : Drawing Teachers Certificate Course from Sir J. J. School of Art, Bombay
  • 1915, 1912 : G. D. Art from Sir. J. J. School of Art, Bombay


  • Painting by D. C. Joglekar
  • Painting by D. C. Joglekar
  • Painting by D. C. Joglekar
  • Painting by D. C. Joglekar