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B. Prabha

Old Masters

Artist B. Prabha Born 1933, Village Bela, Nagpur, Maharashtra. She studied at the Nagpur School of Art and graduation of the Sir J. J. School of Art, Mumbai. She held her first exhibition, while she was a student, her three paintings were acquired by eminent Indian scientist Homi J. Bhabha. Her inspiration was eminent artist Amrita Shergil. She won First prize in the Bombay State Art Exhibition of 1958; AIFACS Award, New Delhi. In 1956 she got married with a fellow artist B. Vithal and she moved her style of paintings from modern abstract to figurative paintings. In the 1960s she started painting a wide range of subjects, from landscapes to social issues like droughts, hunger and homelessness using oils as her medium. She developed an elegant, formal style that remains her trademark to this day. She worked mainly in oil and use to paint simple, rustic women with their distinctive hairstyles and bright sarees which became her signature style. She said "It is my aim to paint the trauma and tragedy of women". She held about 50 exhibitions, both in India and abroad. Her works are in collection with individual and corporate in India and abroad including The National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi.