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Abalal Rahiman

Old Masters

His father was a scholar in Persian Language and his ancestral occupation was to prepare manuscripts of the Koran in Persian. Continued the ancestral occupation as a hobby. Young Abalal helped his father in painting the decorative borders of the manuscripts. He developed an interest in painting at an early age. Another significant event in Abalals life was his association with the goldsmith community. He worked with goldsmiths that developed his skill and craftsmanship He was an academic artist, with unglamorous realism that was not much about rendering superfluous and decorative details but about imitating textures and natural complexion.

The earliest wellknown master - painter of Kolhapur was Abalal Rahiman who was popular as Abalal - master. Abalal was sent by his father to Bombay to join Sir J. J. School of Art. Abalal was very much pleased with the atmosphere in the Art - School and with full devotion and sincerity he tried to learn.

The Sir J. J. School of Art curriculum gave importance to drawing. Naturally Abalal was trained to handle pencil, crayon and charcoal very well. Though Abalal was expert in handling various techniques, his favourite medium was water colour. His paintings show the appropriate effect of the sunlight and environment. Abalal was a fan of natural beauty. He painted many landscapes. He also painted few portraits.

1886 Awarded Viceroys Gold Medal.

Born :

  • 1860


Education :

  • 1880 : Studies at J. J. School of Art, Mumbai


  • Painting by Abalal Rahiman
  • Painting by Abalal Rahiman
  • Painting by Abalal Rahiman
  • Painting by Abalal Rahiman