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Keywords: Professional Artists, Emerging Artists, Paintings, Children's Art

Yoga and Realisation

An exhibition of sculptures and paintings to celebrate International Yoga Day


On the occasion of International Yoga Day, Indiaart Gallery presents a unique show titled "Yoga and Realisation". This show which has been curated by Milind Sathe, Director of Indiaart Gallery, will feature sculptures and paintings to celebrate Yoga and the journey to Realisation.


While yoga became popular as a system of physical exercise in the Western countries, Yoga in Indian traditions has always been more than physical exercise. Yoga has meditative, spiritual and philosophical core.


Artworks by one sculptor and five painters will be part of this unique exhibition. Participating Artists :

Bhushan Pathare, Pune - sculptures
Kishor Randiwe, Pune - paintings
Satish Pimple, Akola - paintings
Varsha Randiwe, Pune - paintings
Chitra Vaidya, Mumbai - paintings
Anuj Malhotra, Mumbai - paintings


Bhushan Pathare's sculptures depict yoga practitioners in various asanas.

Satish Pimpale, Anuj Malhotra and Varsha Randiwe's paintings are their take on the journey of meditation towards realisation.

Kishor Randiwe and Chitra Vaidya present their paintings of Himalayas which have been an integral part of the spiritual landscape of India.

Kishor Randiwe also presents paintings from his series on Realisation.